Mar 102017

Seductive lady of the manor stripteases in satin panties, black suspenders and RHT nylon stockings and masturbates to climax in this scene at Vintage Flash

Lady of the manor Jess poses on the stairs and performs an erotic striptease in her lacy lingerie, satin panties, multi-strap suspenders and RHT nylon stockings. Opening her legs wide, she masturbates openly while encouraging you to wank your cock for her pleasure in this scene at Vintage Flash.

Lady Jess descends the stairs, seductively dressed in her black lace top and tight fitting pencil skirt, her legs in black seamless nylons and feet in patent leather stiletto heels.

‘My sexy nylon stockings, get you nice and excited, don’t they,’ Jess says, standing on one step and slipping off her heel, she slides the instep of her foot up and down the calve of her other leg. ‘Let me just tease you a little, show off my suspenders and the tops of my stockings,’ she suggests, pulling up her skirt to reveal her thighs clad in a six-strap suspenders, attached by metal clasps to the tops of her RHT nylon stockings.

‘Look at those sexy stockings. Let me run my hands up and down them, teasing you as I show some leg.’ Jess sits on the stair, one leg crossed over the other and caresses her suspender-clad thighs and stockings tops. ‘Gets you turned on, doesn’t it! Makes your cock get hard,’ she remarks, slipping off one of her stiletto heels to show her pretty feet, dangling and letting the shoe swing from her toes in their reinforced nylons.

‘I’m wearing something very sexy underneath here,’ Jess says, standing once more and pulling her skirt up around her waist, she smooths her hand over the shiny satin, full-back panties that cling to the cheeks of her fabulous arse. ‘I love the feel of my sexy satin panties, rubbing right against my pussy.’ Jess turns to stand on the stair with her legs apart, her hand massaging her cunt through the crotch of her shiny knickers. ‘And I love the feel of being strapped in by my suspenders, as well. So nice and tight,’ she says, sliding her fingers under the array of garter-straps and letting them snap back against the flesh of her thighs.

‘Let me tease my skirt off for you,’ Jess says, unzipping the skirt and letting it fall swiftly down her stockinged legs. ‘Now, get your cock nice and hard and start playing with it,’ she suggests, sitting on the stair and undoing the front of her sexy blouse, her fingers lightly touching the outline of her lacy cupped bra. ‘I love seeing your cock getting hard while you wank over me. Get it nice and hard and stroke it, as I tease you in my sexy, vintage nylons.’

Watch seductive lady of the manor Jess stripteasing and giving masturbation encouragement in her nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

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