Mar 112016
Blonde British Model Danielle Maye In Red Lingerie and Tan Nylon Stockings at Vintage Flash

Danielle Maye seductively stripteases and gives masturbating encouragement as she climaxes in her red lingerie and nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Subsequent to your previous visit to the ‘The Institute of Advanced Masturbation’, it’s CEO Danielle Maye has granted you a private consultation in her office for some very personal masturbation therapy. She instructs you to take matters in hand as she strips down to her lingerie and nylon stockings, encouraging you to wank over her exposed pussy and climax together.

‘I can see you are ready to go, so just relax and recline in your seat, as I want you to really enjoy this,’ Danielle says, siting in her chair with one leg crossed over the other, a tantalizing glimpse of stocking tops appearing below the hem of her tan skirt. ‘So if you don’t mind, I’d like you to slip your hand inside those briefs of yours as we begin,’ she says, pulling back her suede skirt and seductively caressing her shapely legs in their tan nylon hosiery.

‘You enjoy a good wank, don’t you? I know, I certainly enjoy a wank, and I don’t think there is anything better,’ Danielle says and sitting upright she opens the front of her leopard print blouse, revealing the red lace lingerie she is wearing underneath. ‘You see these stockings I am wearing are very important,’ she continues, her hands gently stroking her legs in their alluring nylons, ‘because you can’t have a good wank unless you are wanking to a women wearing these genuine nylon stockings.’

Danielle strips off her blouse and runs her hands over her curvaceous breasts dressed in the sheer lace that covers her nipples. She stands and unzips the skirt and it slips down her stockinged legs and falls around her feet in their open-toe designer heels. Stepping out of the skirt she shows off her fabulous body in her all-in-one red lingerie, the suspenders stretched over her thighs pulling taut on the tops of her dark tan, nylon stockings.

‘You can stroke your cock for me now,’ Danielle says, settling down on the leather couch and opening her legs to show the supple lips of her shaved pussy. ‘I’m starting to get a little excited myself, seeing you give your hard cock a good wank,’ she remarks, drawing her hands up from her ankles and over the shiny surface of her silky stockings. ‘So stroke your cock while I stroke my beautiful and expensive nylons. I bet you’d just love to come over here and spunk on my nylons, wouldn’t you?’

Watch Danielle’s seductive striptease and masturbation encouragement in lingerie and stockings video at Vintage Flash

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