Mar 152016
Evey Krystal Sexy Blonde In Satin Slip, Suspenders and Black Stockings at Vintageflash

Watch seductive blonde Evey Krystal teasing and masturbating in her satin lingerie, black suspenders and RHT nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Evey is in a playful and frisky mood this evening, wearing her slinky satin slip, sheer nylon panties, black garters and RHT nylon stockings, she invites you to join her for some bedtime fun!

‘Hi, nice to see you again, it’s been a while,’ Evey says, sitting on the bed in her blue satin slip, her legs and feet dressed in black nylons stockings. ‘Did you come to see what I’m wearing today? What do you think of these Harmony point sheer stockings, do you like them?’ Evey asks, running her hands over her extended legs. ‘My feet are looking very pretty in these stockings,’ she remarks, pointing one foot and curling back her toes, stroking her fingers across the nylon covered sole, ‘and they are also in black, one of my favorite colors, which make my legs look really good.’

Evey enjoys the sensation of her hand rubbing the silky satin fabric of her nightie against her body and breasts. ‘I wish you could experience the feel of it, so nice and silky,’ she says and stands to give a better look of her sexy attire, making a conspicuous show of pulling the tops of her stockings around her thighs. Bending over, she balances on tip toes and runs her hands up the back of her stockinged legs, then caresses the nylon of her panties that encase the flesh of her buttocks.

‘Look at the the lacy detail on the side of these panties,’ Evey says, sliding her fingers under the lace trim around the waist and her thighs. ‘I put all of this on especially for you, as I know how much you like watching me in my vintage underwear,’ she remarks and turns to show the black, garter-belt around her hips and the suspenders framing her shaved pussy under her sheer nylon panties.

‘You’ve getting very excited aren’t you,’ Evey laughs flirtatiously as she kneels on the bed in her lingerie, suspenders stretched over her thighs, attached by the metal clasps to her taut stocking tops. ‘You like it when I tease, don’t you?’ she continues, her hands sweeping over her body, feeling the sensual satin of her chemise clinging to her flesh. ‘Let me show you what I am wearing under my lovey silky nightie,’ she smiles suggestively, lifting up the garment and rubbing her nipples through the sheer nylon cups of her vintage bullet bra .

‘It feels really nice when I touch my pussy through my my nylon panties,’ Evey says, pulling her panties tight around the soft, pink lips of her shaved pussy and rubbing her hand over the sheer nylon crotch. ‘This kind of underwear makes me feel very naughty and want to touch myself,’ she whispers softly, her fingers rubbing the moist lips of her pussy through the damp crotch of her sexy, sheer undies.

Watch Evey Krystal teasing and masturbating in her satin lingerie and black RHT nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash.

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