Mar 082016
Brunette Babe Posing In White Lingerie, Suspenders, Nylon Stockings and Heels at Vintage Flash

Glamorous model Honour May enjoys a lingerie fantasy as she stripteases and plays with her pussy in white lace underwear and nylon stockings in her debut video at Vintage Flash

Beautiful model Honour stars in her first ever adult video, showing off in her retro lingerie and unashamedly masturbating in some slinky 90s sheer, seamless sandal foot nylons!

‘Hello my name is Honor May and I’m a model from Cheshire in England,’ Honour said, kneeling on the bed looking very pretty dressed in white, sheer nylon and satin and lace lingerie. ‘I’ve never done any adult modelling before and to be honest I thought I never would. But when Vintage Flash told me what they do I just couldn’t say no as I have a fetish for vintage underwear.

‘It’s kind of a long story,’ she continued, ‘but I went to a boarding school in England and my dorm mistress came in one night, probably having been out with her boyfriend, dressed in a lacy gown through which I caught a glimpse of her pussy in her see-through nylon panties,’ she said, recalling the moment that she discovered her love of sexy lingerie.

‘There was just something about her underwear that turned me on so much, I spent all night masturbating. Ever since then I’ve always had this fetish for lingerie and love how it makes me feel so feminine,’ she said, her hands touching her breasts and enjoying the sensation of her lingerie against her body.

‘I’ve never done anything like this before,’ Honor confessed, ‘but I thought as I get to wear all this lingerie I’ll do it for you guys,’ she spoke, somewhat a little nervous and hesitant. ‘You are going to be the first people to ever see my pussy,’ she stated and paused briefly, adding as an afterthought, ‘on camera anyway’.

Honour, still on her knees, straitened up and showed off her body in lingerie, the outlines of the lacy bra and satin suspender-belt clearly visible through the slinky, sheer nylon of her night-dress. ‘What do you think, do I look pretty?’ she asked, adjusting her slinky nightdress to allow us an appraisal of her alluring bedroom attire. ‘I’ve always wanted to wear something like this, so elegant and classy. I just love looking at myself in it,’ she said, turning for a brief glimpse of herself in the dresser mirror.

‘I love my vintage bra, it really shows-off my boobs, do you like it?’ she asked, pulling aside the material of her gown to show the lacy cups of the bullet-bra strapped to her breasts. ‘There’s just something about this lingerie that is making my pussy wet already,’ she admitted, giving a slight embarrassed laugh as she made herself comfortable on the bed.

Honour drew back the side-split of her nightdress to uncover the array of her suspenders attached to the tops of her magnolia colored stockings. ‘My stockings feel so lovely to touch, I bet you’d love to stroke them,’ she said and slipping off her heels she drew her hands up her legs, smoothing out the loose wrinkles around her ankles and caressing her feet in their beautiful, sandal foot nylons.

Watch beautiful Honour May stripteasing and playing with her pussy in white lingerie and nylon stockings in her first adult video at Vintage Flash

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