Feb 262014
Sexy Exotic Babe Stretching Her Pantyhose Over Her Pussy and Boobs At Pantyhosed4u

Exotic babe Kayla stretches her pantyhose up to her tits and masturbates to climax in her ripped sheer nylon tights at Pantyhosed 4u

Lovely Kayla dressed in her clingy Lycra dress, glossy pantyhose and killer heels, ready to go out and party, but not before a bit of fun in the bedroom…

Kayla lay back on the bed and caressed her legs in their layer of glossy pantyhose, extending them up and running her hands from her shapely thighs to her ankles. Slipping off her heels, she displayed the soles of her sexy feet, rubbing them together and curling her toes inside their cocoon of sheer nylon pantyhose.

She looked so alluring as she rubbed her legs together, sliding the instep of her feet over her calves and the back of her knees in their shiny nylon hosiery. Her nylons softly whispered as she brushed her limbs together and the surface of her pantyhose shimmered with bands of light over her legs in their shiny, nylon tights.

Kayla pulled down her dress to reveal her perfectly formed all natural breasts and their dark brown nipples, then knelt to give a view of her gorgeous arse, sheathed in it’s tight layer of sheer nylon, stretching over her rounded buttocks.

Kneeling on the bed, she stretched her pantyhose right up her front and over her boobs and rubbed her fingers over the reinforced gusset that was pulled tight around her pussy.

Feeling naughty, she ripped open the crotch of her pantyhose either side of the gusset, her fingers clawing at the delicate nylon fabric as she tore it away from her legs and ran in ladders.

Kayla continued her nylon ripping orgy until her hose were totally shredded, then stripped them off and teased her cunt with the tattered remains; pulling the tight skein of the gusset between the lips of her cunt, so it rubbed against the hard nub of her erect clitoris.

See Kayla teasing and masturbating in her ripped nylon pantyhose in this (212 images) photo set and video – ‘Sexy Nylon Shredder’ at Pantyhosed 4u

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