Sep 142009
Evey And Lucy Admire Their Stockings And Suspender Belts

Evey And Lucy Admire Their Stockings And Suspender Belts

Evey and Lucy are off to a party, and both have decided to wear their finest nylon stockings and heels in the event there should be some good looking guys worth attracting.

Evey is just waiting downstairs for her friend to finish getting ready, when Lucy comes down and sits on the sofa next to her.

Both ladies admire what the other is wearing, and give each other compliments on their choice of clothes.

Their interests soon focus on their stockings, and both run their hands over their nyloned legs in mutual admiration. Evey strokes Lucy’s black nylon covered knee, while Lucy lets her hands wander over Evey’s rare magnolia beige ‘glimmer’ nylon stockings.

They both agree they have time for some fun together before going to the party, and both strip each other to out of their clothes.

Once they have removed their dresses they continue to admire their stockings and garter belts, kissing, and letting their hands move over their sensuous curves as they move closer.

Lying back on the sofa, Lucy opens her stockinged legs while Evey goes down and prises open her pussy lips. Evey gives her pussy a good licking, using both her fingers and tongue to bring Lucy to orgasm.

Satisfied from her orgasm, Lucy then gives Evey the same treatment in return, putting her head down between her stockinged thighs, and licking her friend’s cunt until she reaches a loud climax.

Both ladies were captivated by each other in their nylon stockings, and had a little party of their own, as you will see in our latest movie at Vintage Flash.

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