Oct 182010

Kayla in see-through nylon panties and stockings at vfacademy

Kayla is in trouble for bringing sex toys to school and has been kept back after class as punishment.

Sitting on her own at the desk, Kayla tells us the story of how a jealous girl told on her, but she’s soon distracted by the attention we are paying to her stockinged legs.

‘I’m allowed to wear stockings now, so much sexier than my socks’, she tell us. ‘Look at this lovely seam up the back’, she adds, tracing her fingers up the sexy black line running up the back of her shapely leg.

Feeling hot, Kayla takes off her blouse and bra to show us her pert brown titties and squeeze them in her hands.

Then sitting on her chair she opens her legs to give us a cheeky upskirt view of her panties, stockings and suspenders.

The slit of her lovely cunt shows through the  mesh of her white, sheer nylon panties as she pulls them tight against her pussy.

Kayla then shows us how she likes to masturbate, putting her hands down her cute nylon knickers and giving her hot snatch a good rub.

See Kyla masturbating in her nylon stockings and panties in this (155 image) photo set and full length movie ‘Breaktime Pleasures’ at VF Academy.

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