Dec 272019
Horny Italian Valantina Bianco masturbates in suspenders and nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Horny Italian Valantina Bianco stripteases and masturbates in suspenders, nylon stockings and sexy heels in her latest video – ‘I like when you watch’ at NHLP Central

Valentina Bianco dresses to tease and please in her pink sweater and pencil skirt, nylon stockings and stilettos heels. She talks seductively while stripping down to her sexy bra and beautiful white garter-belt, spreading her stockinged legs open wide in an invitation to come and fuck her juicy pussy.

‘I dressed up in these vintage clothes especially for you,’ Valentina smiled, sitting on the bed dressed in a tight sweater and pencil skirt, her legs in dark tan nylons and pink, strapless mules. ‘I’m also wearing some beautiful shoes, look how beautiful they are, on my feet,’ she said, reaching down and caressing her ankle above her stiletto heels. ‘My beautiful stockings feel so nice on my legs, I love them too,’ she whispered and slowly drew her hand up her stockinged leg. ‘Do you want to see more?’

Valentina stood and slowly lifted her skirt, then pushed her hand under her stocking top and spread of fingers over her thigh. She turned and bent over, caressing her ass through the material of her skirt, wrapped tight around her buttocks.

‘I’m so excited to show you everything,’ Valentina said, stripping off her pink sweater and feeling her breasts through her white, strapless bullet bra. ‘I like it when you watch me,’ she grinned, teasingly holding the cups of the bra over her boobs, then stripping it away and fondling her petite boobs and erect, brown nipples.

She turned and unzipped the back of her skirt, slowly letting it slide over buttocks to reveal her white garter belt. Bending over, the taut suspenders strained on her tan nylon stocking tops as she allowed the skirt to slide down her legs to the floor.

‘This is the best part. I was saving it for last.’ Valentina grinned and looked back as she placed her hands around her buttocks and spread them apart, exposing the puckered ring of her anus and the tight slit of her shaved pussy.

‘Yes, baby I love the way you watch, it makes me so horny,’ Valentina said, bending over and looking through her legs as she rubbed her pussy. ‘Let me spread my pussy for you,’ she said, spreading her lips of her pussy to show the pink flesh of her labia. ‘My pussy is hungry, she is waiting for your cock,’ she remarked, and inserting several fingers up her tight pussy they made sticky sounds as she reamed the inside of her sticky cunt.

Valentina reclined on the bed with her legs open and pulled back against her chest, hand between her thighs rubbing her pussy, framed by her garter belt and stocking tops.

‘My little pussy is happy to see your cock,’ Valentina gasped, inserting the fingers of both hands inside her pussy and pulling it wide open. ‘Oh yes, baby, I want you to fuck me in my nylon stockings,’ she said, an intense look on her face as her hand strummed the lubricated flaps of her juicy pussy. ‘Imagine fucking me with your hard cock inside my pussy,’ she said excitedly, masturbating with her fingers squelching inside her sticky, wet fuck hole.

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