Dec 242019
Danielle Maye masturbates in black lingerie, suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at

Seductive blonde Danielle Maye stripteases and masturbates in black lingerie, suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her video – ‘A sheer present for all’ at NHLP Central

Busty blonde Danielle Maye is ready to party this Xmas wearing her long black opera gloves, seductive velvet dress, fully fashioned nylons, and stiletto heels. She entertains you with an erotic striptease, revealing her big boobs and the mound of her pussy, framed by her garter-belt suspenders and stockings tops. She invites you to join her while she masturbates on the bed, her fingers massaging her juicy pussy to climax.

‘I can’t believe you let me have my Christmas present early. I wonder what it can be?’ Danielle smiled curiously as she carefully opened the small, oblong box. ‘I could have guessed: stockings. I love them!’ she exclaimed, her fingers touching the soft fabric of the boxed vintage nylons.

‘Do you remember that first time I wore stockings for you?’ Danielle continued, pulling back the edge of her dress to reveal her thighs, suspenders and stockings tops. ‘I didn’t know the power of fully fashioned nylons, but now I use them to my full advantage,’ she said, reaching down to her ankle and tracing her finger along the black seam of running up the back of her stockinged leg.

‘Do you like it when I tease you and show off my stockings while running my hands over the sheer nylon?’ Danielle slowly drew her gloved hands up her legs in their black, fully-fashioned nylons. ‘I love teasing and getting you excited while you watch me stroke my legs,’ she continued, her gloved fingertips gliding over the silky smooth nylon covering her long, extended legs. ‘I have to admit it gets me excited also, as there is something powerful about sexy nylons.’

Danielle stood and stripped off her black velvet dress, exposing her huge round boobs, black lace panties, garter-belt with black suspenders and metal clasps, holding up her stockings. She ran her gloved hands over her semi-naked and lingerie-clad body, caressing her voluptuous titties and ass cheeks in tight-fitting black panties.

Danielle turned and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, then slowly peeled them over her curvaceous ass and down around her thighs and stockings. ‘I love the sound my panties make as they slide over my nylons,’ she said, stripping her knickers down her stockinged legs and over her stiletto heels.

Danielle turned and posed with her big boobs hanging heavy from her chest, the mound of her gorgeous pussy framed by her garter-belt, suspenders and stocking tops.

‘Would you care to have a little play?’ Danielle’s hands caressed her curvaceous body, sweeping over her boobs and around her hips. ‘I’d very much like to have a play with you, right here next to me, so I can watch you stroking your hard cock,’ she said, bending over and caressing the smooth cheeks of her shapely ass. ‘And you can watch while I play with my delectable pink pussy,’ she said and placing her hand between her thighs she began to rub the wet lips of her naked pussy.

Watch Danielle Maye masturbating in black lingerie and nylon stockings at

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