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Sergeant Cleo Summers strips off her army uniform and masturbates in suspenders, nylon stockings and heels video at

Sergeant Cleo Summers strips off her army uniform and masturbates in suspenders, nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her video – ‘Poised and ready’ at NHLP Central

Sergeant Cleo Summers examines your ability to stand to attention and masturbate without ejaculating, before giving the command to shoot your load. She tests your willpower with a provocative striptease, showing off her fit body in bullet bra, garter-belt, black nylon stockings, and stiletto heels. Satisfied with your performance, she sits on the desk and fingers her pussy while encouraging you to jerk off and give her your cum.

‘Hello soldier, do come and sit down,’ Sergeant Cleo said, sitting in her chair in front of the desk, dressed in her uniform, stockings, and patent leather stiletto heels. ‘Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I’ve called you into my office today,’ she continued, crossing one leg over and sliding her hand down toward her ankle. ‘Your file shows you have a history of successfully following instructions and keeping secrets,’ she said, her fingers stroking the back of her ankle above her heel.

‘Now, I have a job for you which requires all of those things, but I shall have to test you first to be sure you are the right candidate,’ Sergeant Cleo said, slowly sliding her skirt back over her shapely thighs. ‘You see, a man in your position will have to show his strength and that he can remain in control,’ she said, caressing her thighs in their gleaming metal suspender clasps affixed to the tops of her stockings.

Sergeant Cleo stood and leaned against the desk, unbuttoned the front of her uniform jacket and opened it to reveal her black bullet bra that showed her nipples through the sheer nylon cups. ‘Are you feeling focused now soldier?’ she smiled, standing with her shoulders straight and hands on her hips, her ample boobs thrust forward in the supportive bra.

‘Get a look at my sexy sheer panties.’ Sergeant Cleo turned and lifted her skirt to show the black nylon knickers covering her ass. ‘I know you naughty soldiers love your nylon stockings,’ she grinned and leaned over the desk, tilting up her ass so her suspenders strained on her stocking tops. ‘I can see you’re already standing to attention,’ she said, spreading her hands over her ass, feeling her buttocks through the sheer nylon panties. ‘Let’s see how long you can stand to attention?’

Sergeant Cleo took off her jacket, then unzipped her skirt and stripped it over her ass, allowing it to drop to the floor around her stiletto heels. She stepped out of the skirts and sat on the desk, spread her legs wide and felt her pussy through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties.

‘Now what would you do, if I presented you with an opportunity to show me your tongue skills?’ Sergeant Cleo smiled pleasurably, her hand gently massaging her nylon covered pussy. ‘Come on soldier, get stuck in! Bury your face in my crotch, rub it against my pussy,’ she beckoned, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. ‘Get down on your knees and bend me over so you can eat my ass and pussy,’ she commanded, pointing to the floor, indicating where to kneel.

Sergeant Cleo leaned over the desk and slowly tugged her panties over her ass, drawing them down her stockinged legs to her stiletto heels and kicking them to one side.

‘Give me your tongue and show me what a good soldier you are,’ she commanded, spreading her legs apart and looking over her shoulder, she pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing the puckered ring of her anus and lips of her delicious pussy. ‘I need a strong soldier to come and lick my pussy,’ she said, rubbing her fingers over the supple lips of her juicy cunt. ‘So grab your little soldier and wank it, while you eat and lick my pussy.’

Watch Cleo Summers masturbating in suspenders, stockings & stilettos at

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