Dec 102019
Mature Mistress Beau Diamonds masturbates in corselette, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at

Mature Mistress Beau Diamonds masturbates in corselette, nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video – ‘All for you’ at NHLP Central

Mistress Beau Diamonds does not enjoy being kept waiting, especially when she has dressed for your pleasure in her finest lingerie, nylon stockings and heels. Nevertheless, she strips off and teases in her lace corselette, her legs in fully fashioned stockings open to give you a view of her thrusting a sex toy up her wet pussy.

‘So you’re here at last! You’re a bit late!’ Mistress Diamonds looked impatient as she stood with her hands on her hips, her long black gown open, revealing her lacy corselette.

‘I was getting very bored waiting for you, dressed in my lovely corselette,’ she said, caressing her body through the corselette that clung to her curves. ‘And my vintage, fully fashioned stockings,’ she added, stroking her hand over her thighs, black suspenders, and tops of her stockings. ‘A lady doesn’t like being kept waiting, you know?’ she said, lifting her hands and feeling her boobs through the lace cups of her corselette. ‘But I will let you off, as I’m feeling very horny in my sexy clothes.’

Mistress Diamonds slipped off her nylon gown and turned to show her shapely ass bound by the tight elastane of her lacy corset. ‘How does that look, then?’ she said, bending over and spreading her fingers over the broad cheeks of her ass, her shaved pussy squeezed between her thighs, framed by her suspenders and stocking tops.

‘Take your cock out now; let’s have a good look at it,’ Mistress Diamonds commanded and slipping the straps of the corset down her arms, she lowered the bra cups and fondled the soft flesh of her mature tits. ‘Start wanking your cock for me,’ she smiled, her fingers rubbing her clitoris and the slit of her pussy.

‘Keep wanking for the lady,’ Mistress Diamonds urged, kneeling on the bed and reaching around she pulled the cheeks of her ass apart to show her pussy. ‘Is the lady teasing you?’ she smiled, looking over her shoulder and swaying her ass, the taut suspenders and metal clasps of the corselette straining on her stocking tops. ‘Let’s see how naughty this lady can be,’ she said and she reached under her pillow, retrieved her sex toy and held it up in front of her face.

‘Do you wish this was your cock in my mouth?’ Mistress Diamonds sucked the knob end of sex toy in her wet mouth and licked it with her lascivious tongue. ‘This lady would love your big, thick cock in her mouth and pussy,’ she said and placing the sex toy between her legs she placed it against the lips of her shaved pussy.

‘Imagine your thick cock sliding in this tight pussy, stretching and filling it all up,’ she gasped, inserting the sex toy between the lips of her tight cunt. ‘Oh my god, this lady needs to cum,’ she moaned pleasurably, pushing the dildo into the depth of her ravenous pussy. ‘Are you going to come with me?’ she groaned, sensing the onslaught of her orgasm as she thrust the sex toy up her sloshing wet fuck hole.

Watch Beau Diamonds masturbating  in her corsellete, stockings & stilettos at

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