Nov 232018
April Paisley enjoys wanking in vintage suspenders and fully-fashioned nylons video at

Horny blonde April Paisley enjoys a dirty weekend wanking in vintage suspenders and fully-fashioned nylons in this video at

Naughty April has invited you for a dirty weekend in the country and is dressed for the occasion in vintage suspenders, fully-fashioned nylons and leather heels to get you excited. In the bedroom, the little temptress stripteases down to her lingerie and opening her legs wide she encourages you to masturbate while she finger fucks her gaping wet pussy.

‘I’m wearing fully-fashioned nylon stockings,’ April said excitedly, sitting on the edge of the bed and tracing the seam up the back of her extended leg. ‘And I’m wearing their beautiful suspender-belt, all especially for you babe,’ she said, kneeling and lifting up her dress to reveal sheer nylon panties, white garter-belt, and tops of her stockings. ‘I’m not exactly hiding anything in these sheer panties,’ she laughed, her hand circling over her shaved pussy, visible through the front of her see-through knickers.

April stripped off her dress and knelt on the bed, pushing her ass into view so the sheer material of her panties stretched tight around her pussy. ‘Now you can see everything I get up to, underneath there,’ she said, sliding her hand down the back of her panties and massaging her fingers over her pussy. ‘Let’s have a little play, shall we?’

April rolled onto her back with her legs open and slid her hand down the front of her panties.

‘My pussy feels very wet,’ she remarked, rubbing the wet lips of her cunt inside her see-through panties. ‘Oh, yes. I’m definitely wet,’ she concluded, having removed her hand from inside her panties and licked her juices off her fingers. ‘Maybe, I should slide these panties off?’

April hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and pulled them from under herself, then slipped them down her stockinged legs and over her stiletto heels.

‘I’d love you to come and lick my pussy.’ April said invitingly, legs spread wide open and fingers circling over the juicy lips of her gaping cunt. ‘Wrap your tongue around my wet lips,’ she smiled lasciviously, hand pressed against her pussy and circling over the pink flesh of her erect clitoris.

‘I like watching you wank yourself off,’ she continued, her fingers strumming the succulent lips of her cunt. ‘It makes me want to lick and suck it,’ she said, biting her lip as she inserted two fingers up her wet, sticky cunt and began to fuck herself.

See horny blonde April wanking in suspenders and stockings in her latest video

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