Nov 202018
Michelle Moist stripteases in nylon panties, suspenders and stockings and gives explicit jerk-off instruction at

Horny blonde Michelle Moist stripteases in nylon panties, suspenders and stockings and gives explicit jerk-off instruction in her latest video for Vintage Flash at

Michelle catches you red-handed, sniffing and wanking over the sexy panties in her lingerie drawer. Stripping down to her lingerie and stockings, she gives explicit wanking guidance while encouraging you to masturbate along with her.

‘I caught you sniffing in my underwear draw!’ Michelle sat upright on the couch, pointing an accusatory finger. ‘Not only where you sniffing through my underwear draw, but you had your cock out and were wanking it!’ she said, pulling back her skirt over her thighs, revealing a glimpse of tan stocking tops.

‘Seeing as you were getting so turned on looking at my underwear, I might just give you a live show of it,’ Michelle smiled, promisingly. ‘But you have to follow my wanking instructions exactly, so you will enjoy it more,’ she said, gesturing with her wrist flexing and hand and fingers curled as if wanking an erection.

‘So start wanking slow and steady while I strip and show you my underwear.’ Michelle instructed and stood to remove the wide purple belt from around her waist and unzipped the back of her pencil skirt. ‘You’re going to get an eye-full of my fully-fashioned stockings.’

Michelle bent slightly and the skirt slid over her ass, revealing the straps of her black suspenders stretched over her shapely buttocks sheathed in the black sheer nylon of her panties.

‘I’m wearing black sheer nylon, today,’ she declared, one hand rubbing her buttocks through her nylon panties,’ just like the ones I caught you sniffing while you were wanking with your hands around your dick!’

Michelle striped off her satin blouse and sat on the couch with her stockinged legs open, gesturing with her hand as she gave specific wanking instruction.

‘I love it when you wank exactly as I tell you too,’ she said, jerking her hand quickly in front of herself to indicate the exact wanking speed and rhythm to follow. ‘That’s it,’ she instructed, her hand yanking up and down, ‘now I want you to hold that speed while I get my tits out.’

Michelle stripped the bra from her chest, squeezed her petite tits in her hands and tweaked her erect nipples. Then reclining on the couch she pulled her legs back and opened them wide to show the crotch of her panties.

‘Look at my cunt, all squished up inside these nylon knickers,’ Michelle slid her hand over her pussy and felt it’s warmth through the sheer nylon. ‘Oh, yes, such pink horny wet lips,’ she moaned, slipping her hand inside her panties and spreading the succulent lips of her wet cunt.

‘Keep wanking your cock, a little faster now,’ she urged, massaging her fingers against the soft lips of her juicy pussy. ‘I can see you cock is getting really stiff,’ she said, her hand jerking up and down to encourage masturbation, ‘I know you’re dying to get my panties off, aren’t you?’

See Michelle Moist masturbating and giving jerk-off encouragement in her latest video

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