Jul 112018
Sexy blonde babe masturbating in ripped nylon pantyhose and pink stiletto heels video at NHLP Central

Saucy blonde babe Lucy Lauren stripteases and masturbates in ripped nylon pantyhose and pink stiletto heels video at NHLP Central

Lucy has been waiting for you, all dressed and in her pretty lingerie, sheer nylon pantyhose, and pink stiletto heels. Stripping off her lingerie and ripping open her tights she fucks her hot pussy with a dildo.

‘I put on all the things you like, sexy tights and pretty shoes,’ Lucy said, laying on the bed in her pretty pink slip that showed her nipples through the sheer nylon. ‘I know how much you like sexy tights and no knickers under my pantyhose,’ she smiled, spreading her legs open and revealing her naked pussy behind the sheer nylon of her pantyhose.

‘I think you should get your cock out and get it nice and hard for me,’ Lucy suggested, curling her fingers as if gripping the shaft of a big cock and giving it a leisurely stroke in her hand. ‘Keep rubbing that cock while I rub my pussy for you,’ she smiled, putting her hand between her thighs and feeling her pussy it through the crotch of her hose.

Lucy stripped off her slip and played with her petite boobs, pushing them together and brushing her fingers over the pert nipples. She stood and bent over, then lifted her short skirt and caressed the cheeks of her ass through the tight nylon of her pantyhose.

‘Now we can get really naughty and play, can’t we?’ Lucy stripped off the skirt and lay on the bed, spreading her legs open and pulling the crotch of her hose tight against the soft lips of her cunt. ‘It makes me feel so horny watching you wank your cock.’

Lucy gripped the front of her pantyhose and her fingernails broke through the fragile nylon and ripped it open. She tore at the delicate nylon with her fingers and pulled it apart, opening a hole and fully exposing the supple lips of her sweet pussy.

‘Oh yeah, that’s better,’ Lucy sighed with relief, spreading the lips of her cunt and circling her fingers over the rosy-pink flesh of her throbbing clitoris. ‘Oh, that feels so good… Watching you wanking your cock makes me feel so horny,’ she gasped pleasurably, rubbing her excited clit and masturbating openly in her ripped nylon tights.

Watch saucy blonde Lucy Lauren masturbating in ripped nylon pantyhose and heels

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