Jul 042018
Horny business lady masturbating in ripped nylon pantyhose and stiletto heels video at NHLPcentral

Horny mature business lady Red masturbates in the office in ripped nylon pantyhose and stiletto heels video

Business lady Red is dressed to impress and arouses your interest in her shapely legs in pantyhose and heels. Stripping off her skirt and bra, she gets on the desk in her ripped nylon tights and fingers her hot pussy to climax for your pleasure.

‘My boss is away at a conference and he’s left me in charge.’ Red said while looking over the contract and swiveling in her chair, displaying her attractive legs in sheer nylon hose and stiletto heels. ‘Let me see what I can offer, while you have a good look at my legs,’ she continued, parting her thighs to give a view up the skirt at her nylon crotch.

‘I see you’ve noticed I’m not wearing any panties,’ Red smiled seductively. ‘Well, I normally don’t wear any when it’s far too hot in the office,’ she confessed, sitting with her legs open and sliding her hands over her thighs. ‘I like to be a bit slutty in the office and tease all the guys, you know?’

Red stood and removed her jacket, then leaned over the desk and circled her hand over the broad curve of her arse and the material of her tight fitting skirt. It’s very tight,’ she remarked, slowly unzipping the back of her skirt and swaying her hips as she pulled it down over the cheeks of her nylon clad arse. She let the skirt slip swiftly down her legs to the floor, then stepped out of it and turned to pose in her stiletto heels.

‘Hmm, your cock is looking rather hard, maybe you’d like to play with it,’ Red suggested, pulling up the waist of her hose so the nylon crotch stretched tight around her plump pussy. ‘I’m feeling quite horny actually, go on wank it for me,’ she said, gesturing with her hand and fingers curled as if stroking the shaft of an erect cock.

‘Oh, yes,’ Red sighed, slipping one hand down the inside of her hose and rubbing her pussy. ‘I always do this when the boss is out, I do get horny,’ she said, her hand moving under the stretchy nylon as her fingers massaged the slit of her wet cunt.

‘Look at my hand trapped under my pantyhose, as I push my fingers between my cunt lips,’ she said, grinding her hips while she masturbated. ‘You like me saying cunt, don’t you? There’s something rather slutty about it. I bet you’d like to slip your cock right into my cunt, wouldn’t you?’

Watch mature business lady Red masturbating in ripped nylon pantyhose

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