Nov 212017
Buxom brunette stripteasing in garter-belt, nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Buxom brunette Sophie Parker stripteases in multi-strap garter-belt, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Buxom brunette Sophie Parker is back in the bedroom, looking fabulous in her full-skirted dress, under which she is wearing erotic vintage underwear that clings to her voluptuous figure. Watch her strip and play with her large natural tits, flaunt her nice big bum and play with her juicy pussy for you in this scene.

‘I’m wearing my coffee bean, fully-fashioned nylon stockings, and they feel so good on my legs,’ Sophie said, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, stroking her ankles above the white leather stilettos on her feet. ‘I also have on a multi-strap garter-belt and full cut sheer nylon panties,’ she said, pulling up the dress and revealing the array of garter-straps and metal clasps attached to her stockings tops.

‘What I would love is for you to take your cock out and enjoy me in these sexy stockings.’ Sophie opened her legs wider to give a view under her dress at the white nylon panties stretched around her pussy. ‘Go on, get it hard for me, keep wanking that cock you naughty man and enjoy me in these sexy stockings,’ she said, caressing the soft, warm flesh of her thighs above her stockings tops.

Kneeling, Sophie lifted the back of her dress and grabbed the broad, round cheeks of her arse sheathed in the white nylon of her full-cut panties. Her long white suspenders, stretched around her buttocks and pulled taut across her thighs and strained on the shiny welts of her seamed nylon stockings.

Sophie stripped off the dress and wrapped her hands around her white bullet bra, uplifting and pressing together the ample flesh of her big titties inside the cups of her brasserie. She slipped the bra straps down her arms and exposed her all natural breasts; bouncing them in the palms of her hands and pinching the nipples between her fingers.

‘Keep wanking that cock for me,’ Sophie instructed, stripping off the bra and gesturing with her hand to encourage masturbation. ‘Nice and slow, not too fast,’ she said, kneading the voluptuous flesh of her fantastic boobs between her fingers. ‘Now, I’m going take my panties off,’ she drawled, reclining with her legs open wide and rubbing the crotch of her panties, ‘show you that pussy of mine and really give you something to wank over.’

Watch Sophie Parker stripteasing in her garter-belt and seamed stockings at Vintage Flash


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