Nov 172017
Zoe Page stripteasing in lingerie, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sexy heels at Vintage Flash

Zoe Page stripteases in her red lingerie bullet bra, sheer nylon panties, fully-fashioned stockings and sexy heels at Vintage Flash

Gorgeous redhead Zoe Page is feeling horny and in the mood for having some sexy fun. Enticing you with a delicious striptease, this retro-doll strips off her red bullet bra and sheer nylons panties and shows off her pert titties and hot wet pussy while posing in her vintage stockings and sexy mules.

‘What about if we just have sex? Can’t we do just that instead?’ Zoe pleaded, getting up off the floor where she’d been relaxing while listening to the record player. ‘I know it sounds very rude to ask, but I think you can see my bra underneath my top and you can’t wait to get your hands on my boobies.’

Sitting upright on the sofa, Zoe unbuttoned the front her short-sleeved, polka dot top, opened it up and sculpted her hands around the concentric stitched cups of her red bullet bra.

‘I can feel my nipples getting so hard through my bra and I can just imagine your wet tongue licking them,’ Zoe said, lightly brushing her fingers over the hard nipples that poked through the center circles of her pointy bra. ‘What turns me on, even more, is when your cock gets really hard, my nipples get hard as well. Maybe I should show you just how hard they are,’ she smiled, a look of seductive promise in her eyes as she teased the bra straps down her arms, lowered the cups and exposed her all natural boobs.

‘The tingling I get from rubbing my wet finger over my nipples is almost indescribable,’ she said, sucking on her finger to make it wet and circling it over the sensitive flesh of her erect nipples, each in turn. ‘I think I may have to check my panties to see how wet they are.’

Zoe removed her bra and stood to unzip the back of her skirt, swaying her ass while she slid the garment over her pantie clad ass and down her stockinged legs to the floor. Stepping out of the skirt, she bent right over so her sheer nylon panties stretched tight around her ass.

‘Rubbing my hands on my stockings feels amazing,’ she remarked, swishing her thighs together in a very erotic way while caressing her shapely legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

‘Well, if I take off my knickers, we can see how wet they have become.’ Zoe turned to pose in her lingerie and pulled her panties down, leaving them stretched between her thighs above the shiny metal of the suspender clasps affixed to her stockings tops.

‘Can you see what I’m doing just behind this panel?’ Zoe slipped her hand inside the front of her panties, feeling her pussy under the sheer nylon. ‘It’s my wet pussy, waiting for you to come inside,’ she gasped softly, brushing her fingers over the trimmed pubic hairs and teasing her clitoris under the stretchy nylon of her naughty knickers.

Watch Zoe Page stripteasing in her lingerie and fully-fashioned stockings at Vintage Flash


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