Mar 312017

Sapphire seductively strips off her sheer nylon panties and masturbates in suspenders and French RHT nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Sapphire stripteases seductively in her lace lingerie and nylon stockings, talking about all the things she’d like you to do to her while she poses provocatively and masturbates in her chair in her latest video…

‘Just watch my fingers slide under my stockings, gently rubbing over my smooth legs,’ Sapphire said, sitting legs crossed in her swivel chair, fingers caressing the soft flesh of her thigh under the top of one stocking. ‘Let me tease you, showing off the straps of my nice, thick suspenders,’ she said, running her thumb under her suspender straps and letting them snap back into place against her thigh.

‘I’d like to see your hand rubbing your dick, see it straining through the front of your trousers,’ she instructed, uncrossing her legs and giving an upskirt view of the crotch of her black, nylon panties. ‘I’m going to show my sexy sheer pantie and tease you with my sweet, little pussy,’ she said, sighing softly as she began to massage her shaved cunt through the sheer nylon of her knickers.

‘Let me stretch out my legs and rub those sexy nylons against your skin,’ Sapphire said, extending one leg and reaching forward to caress her ankles. ‘How good do they feel? How soft are my nylons as they rub against you?’ she murmured pleasurably, slowly drawing her hands up leg and over the silky, surface of her stockings. ‘I bet they feeling amazing, don’t they?’

Sapphire stripped off her top, revealing a black bra supporting her fabulous breasts, then took off the broad leather belt around her waist and knelt in the chair, reaching for the zip of her skirt.

‘I want you to come right up behind me, undo my skirt and pull it down over my arse.’ Sapphire peeled the unzipped, tight skirt over her buttocks, sheathed in sheer nylon. ‘Run your hands over those panties and give me a little spank, like that,’ she suggested, giving her firm round, buttocks a resounding slap with the palm of her hand. ‘Tease me with your fingers between my legs, feeling the wetness soaking through my panties, in anticipation of sliding your cock deep inside me,’ she whispered, slowly rotating her delicious pantie clad arse, causing the taut straps of her suspenders to pull on the tops of her stockings.

‘Just imagine rubbing your big hard cock against my nice, soft sheer nylon panties,’ Sapphire continued, as she reached behind and released the catch of her bra. ‘Your hands undoing my bra, slipping it off and reaching round to squeeze my tits,’ she sighed, uplifting and squeezing the warm flesh of her pendulous boobs in her hands. ‘Hmm, that’s it, reach out and grab my tits and tweak those perky nipples, while I rub my panties against your dick, like this,’ she said excitedly, her body arching as she writhed and pushed her pantie clad arse up and down.

Watch seductive Sapphire stripteasing and masturbating in her suspenders and stockings at Vintage Flash

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