Jan 172017

Glamorous secretary Sophia Smith stripteases and poses in her lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Secretary Sophia attended a business meeting, dressed for the occasion in a retro-style dress, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels. She found the meeting rather boring, so decided to liven things up by climbing on the boardroom table and stripteasing down to her suspenders and stockings in front of her colleagues.

Sophia noticed her retro-style outfit had caught the attention of her male colleagues as she entered the boardroom. She looked exceptionally glamorous in her close fitting dress that complemented her figure, seamed nylon stockings on her legs and stiletto heels.

‘When I noticed how much attention I was getting, I showed a little bit more,’ Sophia said, sitting on the couch and pulling up the hem of her dress to reveal a glimpse of suspenders and the tops of her black nylon stockings. ‘There was a massive table in the boardroom, so I got on the table and reclined with my legs open like this,’ she said, leaning back and spreading her legs wide to reveal the dark patch of pubic hair through the crotch of her sheer nylon panties.

‘By this point, the meeting stopped and all eyes were on me, so I decided to up my game,’ she smiled, pulling the dress about her waist and parading up and down in her suspenders, stockings and heels. ‘Of course, I was very willing to bend right over,’ she said, bending and swaying her pantie clad ass, her suspenders stretching down the back of her thighs and straining on her stocking tops.

‘So there I was, marching up and down the boardroom table and the meeting just carried on. Mmm, I thought… What else can I do?’ Sophia said, sitting back on the couch as she recalled the events of the meeting. ‘So, I just rolled on my back and stretched out, saying – I’m very sorry, but I’m feeling a bit stiff today!’ Sophia leaned back, lifting her stockinged legs vertically and spreading them wide apart so her heels pointed outward.

‘Now. Mr director was very unhappy, but I couldn’t tell if he was just acting or not,’ Sophia continued, stripping off her bra and caressing her petite all natural breasts. ‘But then he slammed his fist on the table and everyone looked startled, and I knew I was in trouble.

‘I then thought – as I’ve gone this far, I may as well go all the way.’ Sophia said, hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her knickers. ‘So, I slipped my panties down and bared my bottom,’ she said, drawing her panties over her naked buttocks and bending slightly to reveal her naked pussy between her stockinged thighs.

Watch Sophia Smith striptease and pose in her lingerie and stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash


What our members are saying about Sophia Smith in this video:
Road*** says: Sophia is definitely a tease, spreading those legs in various positions, showing us those sheer panties and able to see that patch of black between those shapely legs. Well Done!
style*** says: Her legs go on forever, all the way up.
Con*** says: This woman is why I subscribe.

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