Jan 132017

Horny party host Kiana Kraze stripteases in the kitchen in her black lacy lingerie and nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Kiana retreats to the kitchen during her house party to do the washing-up and decides she’d like to have some fun, stripping off for us. All dressed-up for the occasion in her retro-style flared dress, she’s happy to let us see what she is wearing underneath. Stripping down to her racy black lingerie and full-fashioned nylons, she openly masturbates on the kitchen counter in her latest video for Vintage Flash.

‘Do you want to see?’ Kiana smiles saucily, her face lighting up at the prospect of being naughty in the kitchen. ‘Let me show you my stockings,’ she says, lifting up the dress and frilly layers of her petticoat lining to reveal her suspenders and the tops of her black fully-fashioned nylons.

Kiana lifts the dress higher and pulls it back around her hips, the frilly petticoats framing the sheer nylon panties and multi-strap suspender-belt and suspender straps attached to her stocking tops. Turning, she runs her hands over her pantie clad ass and shows the black stocking seams running down the back of her legs to her ankles, where her feet look so sexy in their strap-on heels.

Kiana slowly strips off the dress and poses in the kitchen in her black lace lingerie and nylon hosiery. Excited that someone might walk in and find her undressed, she continues her striptease, unclasping her lacy bra and exposing her petite all natural breasts.

Kiana turns and hooks her thumbs into the elastic of her nylon panties, then slowly teases them over her soft, white buttocks. She draws her knickers down her thighs and the taut nylon slides over the bumps of her suspenders, which are affixed by metal clasps to the tops of her delicious nylon stockings.

‘I think I’m going to have a nice little play with myself,’ Kiana says, sitting on top of the kitchen counter with her legs open and her shaved pussy in full view. ‘And if somebody comes in, they’ll be too embarrassed to say anything, so…’ she says, and sliding her hand between her soft thighs, she begins to masturbate with her fingers rubbing the rosy lips of her naked, shaved pussy.

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What our members are saying about Kiana Kraze in this video:
gary*** says: Best Kiana set yet. Those stockings are amazing, only thing missing was her dildoing that sweet pussy on the counter.
diva*** says: Such a gorgeous face and amazing body not to mention, ff black stockings and sheer panties. Am so glad Kiana is on VF. 10/10.
Road*** says: Black on Black on Kiana’s lovely skin is absolutely delicious. Those sheer black panties on that firm butt is stunning!

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