Dec 062016

Sexy teacher Jess West stripteases and masturbates in suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Receiving a visit from your hot teacher Ms. West, you can’t help but notice how attractive she looks in her sexy spectacles and vintage attire. It’s as if she knows just what turns you on and has made the effort to make your dreams cum true, dressed in her fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels. Does she mind you looking at her legs? Not one bit… In fact she seems to like it!

Ms West has caught you eyeing her up when she’s giving lectures, looking at her sexy outfits and especially her legs in stockings. Perhaps, she has become a distraction as you’ve been getting behind in your course work, so she thought to pay you a special visit to give some personal tuition.

‘I’ve see your eyes running up and down my legs,’  Ms West says, sitting on the couch and drawing her hand up her extended leg in black stockings and sexy heels. ‘You like to look at those seams that run all the way up the back of my legs. And my sexy, custom made leather shoes, they get you all nice and excited, don’t they!

Ms West believes she can help you concentrate on your coursework better by giving you a closer look at her stockings and satisfying your curiosity once and for all! Teasing you a little by lifting her tight fitting dress, she shows you her black suspenders and their metal clasps attached to the tops of her stockings.

‘I definitely think this is going to help you, don’t you think?’ Ms West says agreeably, pulling the dress even higher to show you her fabulous arse cheeks, sheathed in dark blue satin knickers. ‘Look at my sexy, full-back panties. I can see it’s getting you all excited, isn’t it! Maybe I can just bend right over and show how silky and shiny they are!’ She says, kneeling on the couch and bending over to run her hand over the shiny satin covering her buttocks.

‘I’ve definitely got your attention now, haven’t I! ‘Ms West says, sliding her hand up and down the back of her leg and over the black seam of her nylon stockings. ‘It’s getting me nice and get excited too! Maybe you can start to rub your cock for me, take it out and play with it while I tease you some more!’

Watch sexy teacher Ms West stripteasing and masturbating in her suspenders and stockings video at Vintage Flash

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