Aug 252015
Mature MILF In Sheer Nylon Panties, Suspenders and Stockings at Vintageflash

Perfume counter lady Lara Latex stripteases in black lacy lingerie and grey rht nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Lara works on a perfume counter at a high-class store and naturally wears nice clothes, stockings and heels. She is sure the men that come into buy perfume for their girlfriends or wives only request those bottles that are always in the bottom draw, which means they get a flash of her stocking tops as she bends over to get their choice of product.

‘My charcoal grey nylon stockings are the number one pair I always wear, when I want to hit my sales targets,’ Lara says, pulling back her dress to adjust the suspenders around the wide tops of her stockings. ‘I reckon if you came to a perfume counter you’d love to be served by someone like me, bending over to give you a look underneath my dress,’ she says, sliding her lace gloved hand down the tops of her nylons and spreading her fingers over the flesh of her thigh.

‘I’ve been wearing them all day and my feet are all sweaty,’ Lara says and slipping off her stiletto heels, she lifts lift her legs and points her toes to show the undersides of her RHT nylon stockings. ‘You could put your dick between the soles of my feet, and feel how soft and silky they are as I rub them together,’ she suggests, her stockings making a soft swishing sound as she seductively brushes one leg against the other.

Stripping off her dress and lacy black bra, Lara sits back on her heels so the webbing of her suspenders strain on her stocking tops.

‘Watch me finger myself with my gloved hands,’ Lara says, gasping with excitement as her hand slides down the front of her nylon panties and massages her pussy. ‘Take a closer look at my pussy through my knickers,’ she implores, her lace covered fingers vigorously rubbing her clitoris and sliding between the moist lips of her cunt inside her sexy, sheer nylon panties.

See perfume counter lady Lara stripping and masturbating in her lingerie, grey nylon stockings and heels in this (153 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

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