Aug 282015
Danielle Maye - Sexy Blonde Babe In White Bra, Suspenders, Tan Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Seductive blonde Danielle Maye stripteases in her white lingerie, sheer panties and fully-fashioned nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Danielle suggests you give up wanking over women dressed in cheap and ‘tarty’ underwear and try rubbing one out over glamorous ladies who wear classic lingerie and stockings, instead…

‘If you must masturbate during the day, at least do it to something worthwhile,’ Danielle says, sitting poised with one leg crossed over the other, her feet in open-toe, stiletto heels. ‘What you need is a classy and sophisticated women, like myself, who wears sexy outfits, someone who oozes sex appeal, sophistication and class,’ she suggests, getting up to stand and show off her fabulous body in white lingerie and tan nylon stockings. ‘

‘Take a look at this outfit, starting at my strappy heels,’ Danielle says, drawing her hand up from her ankle and tracing the seam of her stockings up the back of her leg. ‘Now, my nice tight pencil skirt, not too short or long, that shows off my curves without screaming “look at me”, she continues, posing elegantly with her hands around her hips. ‘Then there’s my shirt, which may be a little see-through, but is still classy and sophisticated,’ she remarks, bringing attention to the white, vintage bra clearly showing behind the lace of her sheer blouse.

‘You see when a women dresses classy on the outside, you know what she’s wearing underneath is only going to get better,’ Danielle says, unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to the floor, revealing sheer-nylon panties clinging to her shapely arse. ‘I’ve never felt sexier than when I’m wearing my see-through panties and six-strap suspender-belt, holding up my nice fully-fashioned stockings,’ she remarks, her fingers playing over the white front panel of her garter-belt and the metal clasps of her suspenders attached to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

Watch seductive blonde Danielle teasing in her white lingerie, sheer panties and fully-fashioned stockings in her video at Vintage Flash.

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