Jan 242014
Leggy MILF Masturbating In Black Corset,Tan Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings and Heels at Vintageflash

Horny Milf Tammy Lee strips down to masturbate in her black corset, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

‘As you well know, I love to tease and that is exactly what I intend to do,’ Tammy Lee said, turning to give a view of her stockings and the sexy seam running up the back of her legs. Slowly, she lifted the hem of her dress to give a tantalizing glimpse of her black suspenders, then slipped her hand between the flesh of her thigh and the tops of her tan stockings.

‘These fully-fashioned nylon stockings are very special,’ she said, now sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, pulling her dress up her legs to show more stocking top, ‘because they have a seam that goes all the way round the foot.’ Slipping off one of her heels, she turned up turning her toes up to show the seam running under the arch of her stockinged soles, then replaced her heel to stand and remove her dress.

Unzipping the back of her dress, she let it slowly slide down to reveal she was wearing a black corset, which was tight around her waist and emphasized the roundness of her fabulous arse. Allowing the dress to slide down her seamed stockings legs, it landed on the floor around her heels and she stepped out of it to stand and pose in her sexy vintage underwear.

Tammy sat down and pulled her feet up beside her on the sofa cushions, then opened her legs to give a provocative view of her naked pussy, framed by her black suspenders stretching over her thighs to the the tops of her stockings.

‘Oh, let me tell you how that feels!’ Tammy spoke with an expression of sexual pleasure in her voice as she began to stir her fingers between the pink, moist lips of her naked cunt, adding, ‘It’s warm, wet and very juicy, because wearing these nylon stockings is making me feel very horny.’

Tammy knelt in position on the sofa with her pussy fully exposed, then reached behind and stirred her fingers inside the hot chamber of her creamy cunt; her suspenders pulling taut on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings as she moved her arse in a lascivious rhythm.

Tammy then turned to lay on her back and lifted her legs, pressing them together so the seamed of her stockings followed in parallel lines up her legs to her heels. She pulled open the pink flesh of her gaping cunt now gushing with her juices, her cheeks flushed with arousal as she threw her head back in sexual ecstasy and masturbated to an intense climax in her suspenders, stockings and heels.

See Tammy Lee masturbating in her black corset, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels in this (157) images photo set and video – ‘Heart Race Hotty’ at VintageFlash

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