Apr 192010



Have you seen those chicks coming out of those crazy night clubs, skirts so short you wonder why they even bother?

Jessy turned up at VF towers the other day, dressed exactly as she does in this photo set and video on Pantyhosed4u.com. She’d just finished a night of madness where she had been dancing her ass off in a one way short micro dress, wearing little more than a bra, nude pantyhose and heels.

It was a bit of a shock seeing her at first, as her image is very different from the sweet blonde look of her previous appearances, but we soon got over it.

She told us, ‘I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and I love teasing the guys in my short outfit when I’m dancing. I make sure I wiggle my pantyhosed ass plenty. I love the attention I get, and I notice loads of guys looking at my ass and legs as I strut my stuff.

‘This outfit is so short, it doesn’t take much to reveal that I’m wearing no panties under my pantyhose. Sometimes I feel real naughty when I’m dancing, and if I see a really hot guy looking my way, I’ll squat down with my legs open so he can see right up! It’s my way of saying I fancy you, come and get me! I’m such as tease.’

Watch how Britbabe Jessy reveals all for us, by ripping open her pantyhose and fingering her pussy in ‘Crazy Pantyhosed Clubber’ at Pantyhosed4u.com.

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