Holly Kiss – Horny Teacher In Girdle & Nylons Gives Wanking Instruction

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Oct 092018
Horny teacher stripteases in girdle and nylon stockings and gives wanking instruction at Vintage Flash

Horny teacher Holly Kiss stripteases in the classroom in girdle and nylon stockings and gives wanking instruction in this video at Vintage Flash

Horny teacher Miss Holly Kiss has caught you wanking alone in class, so you are summoned to see her in private to be reprimanded for your behavior. She reminds you that you are only allowed to masturbate in her presence, she strips down to her girdle and nylons to give you something to wank over.

‘You know the rules, you must make an appointment with me and then you can wank as much as you like,’ Holly says, sitting on the desk and gesturing with her hand moving up and down, fingers curled as if she were stroking the length of an erection. ‘I do enjoy watching you wanking and am here to give you a helping hand and any advice you may need,’ she continues, a conciliatory tone in her voice after her initial reproach. ‘So, I’m going to show you something, which will in future encourage you to come and see me.’

Holly draws attention to her navy colored bra visible through her sheer blouse and stands to hike-up her skirt to show her suspenders attached to the tops of her vintage tan nylon stockings.

‘I’m sure you are wondering about the type of things I’m wearing underneath,’ Holly says, bending over so her pencil skirt wraps tight around the broad cheeks of her splendid arse. ‘You see, I don’t actually wear any panties,’ she confesses, standing upright and unbuttoning the top of her blouse. ‘There’s no need because what I’m wearing under this skirt, does not require any panties,’ she hints suggestively, stripping off the blouse to reveal the navy blue bra and underwired cups supporting her abundant tits.

‘Now this is what I want to show you.’ Holly says, turning and unzipping the back of her skirt. ‘A very sexy, while, mini-girdle,’ she continues, slowly sliding the skirt over the curve of her girdled arse and allowing it to slip down her stockinged legs to the floor. ‘Which as you can see, does not require panties.’

Holly leans over the desk, swaying her girdled ass from side to side and provocatively displaying her naked pussy, framed by the bottom edge of the girdle and the soft flesh of her suspender-clad thighs.

‘I can see by the size of your generous cock in your trousers, that this is having the desired effect, isn’t it?’ She says, stripping off her bra and cupping her ample tits in her hands. ‘You see, you wouldn’t get this opportunity if you were just wanking on your own, would you?’

Holly sat on top of the desk in her girdle, showing her shaved cunt and legs in silky nylons and stiletto heels.

‘So now, I want you to start wanking for me. That’s it, cup those balls while you’re stroking your cock,’ Holly instructed, indicating with her hand the desired action. ‘Stroke the shaft of your cock and tease the head with your fingers, while looking at my pussy,’ she says, leaning back with her legs wide open, spreading the lips of cunt oozing with her flowing juices.

Watch Miss Holly Kiss giving masturbation instruction in her video ‘Wanking 101’

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