Valentina Bianco – Sexy Business Lady Masturbates In Suspenders, Fully-Fashioned Nylons & Heels, Valentina Bianco  Comments Off on Valentina Bianco – Sexy Business Lady Masturbates In Suspenders, Fully-Fashioned Nylons & Heels
Jul 182019
Sexy business lady Valentina Bianco masturbating in suspenders, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at

Sexy business lady Valentina Bianco stripteases and masturbates in suspenders, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her video – ‘Let’s make a deal’ at

Sexy business lady Valentina invites you to have a chat about your performance at work and offers to keep you on in return for sexual favours. She stripteases in her suspenders, fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels, encouraging you to wank your cock while she masturbates to a lush orgasm.

‘I have been watching you this past week and noticed you are very attractive,’ Valentina said, sitting on the couch looking in her alluring black dress, stockings and stiletto heels. ‘So, I was thinking, maybe we could make some kind of deal,’ she smiled, a sparkle of naughtiness glinting in her dark eyes. ‘You see, I dressed for you in nice stockings and shoes, and I’m feeling really sexy today,’ she explained, caressing her beautiful legs in their seamed nylons. ‘I just want to share with you, all the naughtiness I feel inside. So, why don’t you start touching your cock for me, yes?’

Valentina stood and bent over and gave her pert ass a sexy wiggle, making her taut suspenders strain on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘Do you like my lingerie?’ she asked, standing and slowly lifting the dress to reveal the array of white suspenders that held up her tan nylon stockings. ‘I can see you are getting very hard,’ she smiled and stripped the dress over her head to reveal her white bra. ‘Your cock is very big now,’ she noticed, gently squeezing her breasts through the cups of her bra. ‘I want you to play with it, for me.’

Valentina released the catch of the bra, then pulled it forward and held the loose cups against her boobs. ‘You see, I am a good boss. I want to give pleasure to my employees,’ she said, then stripped away the bra and fondled her all-natural tits, rolling the erect nipples between her fingers. ‘Let me show you everything, baby,’ she smiled invitingly, then turned and knelt on the couch, presenting her ass in her sexy nylon knickers.

‘Imagine you are fucking me like this, with your hard cock,’ she grinned, rocking back and forth on her knees and pushing her ass up to give a glimpse of her pussy through her sheer nylon panties. ‘That’s it, jerk off your cock for me,’ she urged, reaching between her thighs and feeling her pussy through the crotch of her panties. ‘Do it slowly,’ she whispered seductively. ‘I don’t want you to come too early.’

Valentina stood and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties then pulled them down around her stockinged thighs. She reached behind herself and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart with both hands, exposing the puckered ring of her anus. ‘Oh yes, that feels nice,’ she moaned pleasurably, pressing her hand between her buttocks and massaging the lips of her cunt with a circular motion of her fingers.

Valentina sat on the couch and stripped the panties down her stockinged legs and over her stiletto heels. Opening her legs she held the rolled-up panties in her hand and rubbed the flimsy nylon against her shaved pussy. ‘Oh yes, that feels so good,’ she gasped, enjoying the sensation of the soft nylon brushing against the mound of her naked cunt.

Watch sexy business lady Valentina masturbating to orgasm in her stockings video at

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