Penny Lee – Sexy Air Hostess Strips In Suspenders & Nylon Stockings

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Mar 012019
Sexy stewardess strips off her uniform and masturbates in suspenders and nylon stockings

Sexy air hostess Penny Lee strips off her uniform and mastubates in suspenders, fully-fashioned nylons stockings and stiletto heels in her video – ‘Ooh Captain’ at

Gorgeous air hostess Penny Lee is flattered at being invited her back to the captain’s luxurious residence for a drink. Of course, she knows he is married and reminds him that she doesn’t want to get a reputation, so sexy fun is out of the question. Or is it? Stripping off her sexy uniform, she teases the captain in her lingerie and encourages him to jerk-off over her naked tits, pussy, and ass.

Penny noticed the captain had been eyeing her up during the fight, admiring how attractive she looked in her smart stewardess uniform, his gaze lingering over her legs in nylon stockings and heels.

‘I do like a man that appreciates a woman who wears fully-fashioned stockings’, Penny said, sitting on the padded leather couch, her hand languorously stroking her knee. ‘You’d like me to give you a peek? Well, I suppose I could just show you the stocking tops.’

Penny pulled the skirt, back over her thighs, revealing the array of black suspenders and metal suspender clasps fixed to her nylons.

‘They are very sexy aren’t they?’ Penny said, sliding her hand around her thighs and over her knees. ‘It’s why I like wearing them under my uniform. They may me feel extremely sexy,’ she remarked, licking her lips and caressing her alluring legs in their seductive tan nylon stockings.

‘I didn’t mean to be turning you on, that wasn’t my plan,’ Penny looked up and giggled. ‘I only came here for a drink, but I can see there’s a bulge in your trousers,’ she tutted, shaking her head in mock disapproval. ‘Well, while I’m here, I better make myself more comfortable,’ she concluded, untying the red scarf from around her neck and stripping it away.

‘I’ve also had an idea as well,’ she announced, leaning back so the front of her jacket opened, revealing some cleavage and continued. ‘You having a wank isn’t cheating, is it? I’m not actually touching you, am I?’ she giggled, amused at her clever idea. ‘Technically we would be doing nothing wrong,’ she smiled seductively. ‘So, why don’t I strip out of my uniform for you,’ she proposed, lightly drawing her fingertips over her thighs around her stocking tops, ‘and that way you can really appreciate these stockings of mine.’

Penny stood and stripped off her uniform, removed her black lace and satin bra and posed in her lacy suspender-belt, nylons and patent leather stiletto heels.

‘Is this how you wanted me in your living room? Stripped off in just my stockings and heels?’ Penny smiled, leaning forward and slowly drawing her hands up her stockinged legs. Just look at my big tits dangling down,’ she drawled, sliding her forearm under her voluptuous boobs and lifting the mounds of ample flesh.

‘Is that making your cock nice and hard for me?’ She opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips. ‘Oh. I’m, just loving watching you wank your cock for me, right now.’

Watch air hostess Penny Lee stripping in her suspenders, stockings and stilettos video – ‘Ooh Captain’

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Sep 162016

Pretty air hostess Brook Logan stripteases and masturbates in her black girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

‘Hello guys welcome to my hotel suite,’ Brook said, standing fully-dressed in her red hostess uniform, stockings and heels. ‘I really do fancy a nice hot bath, but before that I’m going to get a bit naughty first in my lingerie and stockings.

‘You probably don’t know, but in my full-time job I am an air-hostess and work for a well-known airline company. I can’t wear my proper uniform for this shoot, so I’m wearing this hostess uniform from the 50s instead. I love how it fits so perfectly against my body,’ she said, running her hands over the outline of her hips and thighs covered in the tight material of her red pencil skirt.

‘I bet you’d feel really horny if I was on your flight, and get an instant boner looking at my stockings and heels,’ she said, suggesting she could provide some in-flight entertainment by inviting you to fuck her in one of the private bed-cubicles they have on those long-haul flights.

‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you; because it’s very risky with all those people on the plane who would hear us, but who cares! We would be having lots of fun. Even more risky for me as I could lose my job, but I’d risk it all for you because it would be very kinky and naughty.’

Brook stripped off her jacket, uncovering a black nylon blouse that showed her black bra through the sheer material. She turned, wiggling her ass as she unzipped the pencil skirt and let it slide down her legs, revealing the tight-black girdle, encasing the firm cheeks of her arse.

Stepping out of the skirt, Brook stood in her heels, spreading her legs wide and bending right over to expose her pussy. Her girdle stretched over her buttocks and the suspenders strained on her stockings as she drew her hands up her fabulous legs in their seamed nylons and stilettos.

Stripping off her bra, Brook fondled the soft flesh of her beautiful tits and seated herself in the leather armchair.

‘Let me show you my little, wet pussy,’ Brook said, spreading her legs wide open and sliding her fingers over the pink supple lips of her shaved cunt. ‘Look at my hot fuck hole. I really need your cock inside it, so you can give me a good pounding,’ she said, rubbing her clitoris vigorously and slapping her hand against the mound her wet pussy. ‘Can you hear how wet I am?’ she asked, thrusting her fingers up her slippery cunt hole so it made a sloshing sound as she frigged herself off to climax.

Watch sexy air hostess Brook stripteasing and masturbating in her black girdle and nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

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