Brook Logan – Seductive Mistress Pleasures Herself In Purple Nylon Pantyhose

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Feb 062019
Brook Logan masturbates in sheer nylon lingerie and purple pantyhose video at NHLP Central

Seductive Mistress Brook Logan pleasures herself in sheer nylon lingerie and purple pantyhose and gives masturbation encouragement in this scene at

Seductive mistress Brook sits in her boudoir and flaunts her curves and peachy ass in a sheer nylon gown, pantie thong and purple pantyhose! She encourages you to take your throbbing dick in hand and jerk-off to her explicit instruction while she frigs her puffy wet pussy.

‘You like what I’m wearing, do you? My purple tights and sheer nylon gown?’ Brook said, sitting on the plush chair in her sheer lingerie, opening her legs to reveal the oval gusset of her hose stretched across the crotch of her pantie thong between her thighs.

‘I know like looking and watching me, mesmerized by my gorgeous purple outfit,’ Brook said, hands enveloping and caressing her slender legs in their shiny nylon pantyhose.

‘Come closer and I’ll give you a real treat,’ Brook smiled, leaning back in the chair and beckoning with her finger. ‘That’s right, look at my crotch,’ she said, lifting her legs and opening them wide so the gusset stretched tight against the crotch of her panties under her hose.

‘Oh, I think they’ve just ripped!’ she exclaimed, noticing where the taut nylon had formed a laddered hole under the gusset. ‘You want me to rip them, do you? OK.’

Brook’s fingers tore at the nylon and a wide hole opened and expanded across her thighs, exposing the purple triangle of the pantie thong that barely covered the lips of her pussy.

‘I just love ripping these gorgeous sheer nylon pantyhose for you,’ Brook giggled, running her fingers over her pussy through the sheer nylon of her panties. ‘You want to see more? You naughty boy,’ she quipped, pulling aside the crotch her panties and exposing her shaved cunt.

‘Oh, there you go, look at my sweet little pussy.’ Brook’s fingers circled over her erect clitoris that poked through the soft pink lips of her pouting pussy. ‘I know you want to do lots of naughty things to it, don’t you?’ she giggled, patting the shaved mound of her cunt with her hand between her stockinged thighs.

‘I love it when you get so hard and horny for me,’ Brook moaned pleasurably as she continued to rub her finger along the slit of her wet labia. ‘Why don’t you wank for me? I want you to take out that cock and wank it for me right now,’ she suggested, gesturing with her hand and fingers curled as if she were stroking an erection. ‘Go on,’ she encouraged, ‘I love watching you wank!’

Watch Brook Logan wanking in her sheer nylon pantyhose in her video – ‘Pleasured in purple’

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