Louisa Lu – Hot Asian Babe Pleasures Her Pussy In Pink Lingerie, Stockings & Stilettos

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Aug 082019
Asian Babe Louisa Lu strips in pink lingerie and wanks her pussy in stockings and sexy stilettos video at NHLP Central

Hot Asian Babe Louisa Lu strips in pink lingerie and wanks her pussy with her legs open in stockings and sexy stilettos in her video – ‘Pink for pleasure’ at NHLP Central

Beautiful Asian hottie Louisa Lu teases in her skimpy pink lingerie while posing on the bed in lots of positions in her stockings and stiletto heels. Stripping off her panties thong she opens her legs invitingly and masturbates her tight, juicy pussy.

‘Do you like my lingerie?’ Louisa Lu said, posing in her skimpy pink lingerie, her slender legs in fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels. ‘It’s different what I usually wear, so I bought it especially for you,’ she smiled, turning and bending slightly, her suspenders pulling on her seamed nylon stockings.

‘I’m feeling naughty right now,’ Louisa said, sliding her hand down the top of one stocking and caressing her slender thighs. ‘We can get really naughty tonight,’ she said, and moved over to the bed and knelt with her ass raised.  ‘Rub your cock against my ass cheeks. I like it when you feel me up,’ she said, caressing her smooth buttocks, the pink thong between her buttocks stretched tight over her bum hole.

‘Are you going to have a wank? I love watching you wank over me.’ Louisa turned and reclined on the bed, gesturing with her hand jerking between thighs as if she were wanking an erection. ‘I’d like you to pull and suck on my nipples, make them nice and hard,’ Louisa said, then sitting up she pulled down her skimpy bra and caressed her petite tits, pulling on her erect nipples with her fingers.

‘I bet you want to see my tight pussy, now,’ Louisa lay back and pulled aside the crotch of a pink pantie thong, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. ’It’s so wet,’ she said, gasping slightly as her fingers massaged the soft lips of her cunt and rubbed her slippery clitoris, ‘Look how tight it is,’ she said, opening the lips of her labia to show the the pink interior of her tight cunt.

Louisa rolled onto her back and pulled the panties from under herself, lifting her stockinged legs and stripping the panties over her pink stiletto heels.

‘You can fuck me like this, with my legs over your head,’ Louisa suggested, pulling back her legs and spreading the cheeks of her ass, exposing the puckered ring of her anus. ‘I’m so wet for you,’ she said, diddling her sweet pussy and spreading her legs wide apart in their seamed nylons and stiletto heels. ‘I like it when you wank over me.’ She uttered small sounds of pleasure as she masturbated openly, rubbing her fingers against the flesh of her throbbing clitoris. ’I really want your big fat cock inside of me, now,’ she said excitedly, tilting back her head opening her mouth she moaned pleasurably. ‘Oh, yes! You can slide your cock inside me, I’m so wet.’

Watch Louisa Lu masturbating in lingerie, stockings & pink stiletto heels at NHLPcentral.com


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