Elle Hunter – Sexy Goth Stripteases In Black Suspenders & Fishnet Stockings

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Oct 312019
Sexy goth Elle Hunter stripteases in sheer nylon panties, suspenders and fishnet stockings video at NHLP Central

Sexy goth Elle Hunter stripteases and masturbates in sheer nylon panties, suspenders and fishnet stockings in her video – ‘Treat for Mr Ghost’ at NHLP Central

Sexy goth Elle attends a Halloween party wearing a gilded mask and dressed in her sexy black dress, fishnet stockings, and spike-heeled boots. She finds herself locked in a spooky room where she encounters a ghost who makes her strip down to her lingerie and masturbate.

Elle left the Halloween party in the hall of the big mansion and went upstairs to look for the ladies’ room. She wandered around not knowing where she was going, opening doors to see if she could find the bathroom, but without much success.

‘I wonder what’s in this room?’ Elle said, opening the door of one particular room and looking inside. ‘It’s very creepy,’ she said, walking into to the furnished room which she’d noticed had been decorated for Halloween. ‘It’s giving me the shivers, it’s so spooky,’ she said, looking around and holding onto her frilly skirt. ‘My god, there are even spiders in here!’

Ellie suddenly screamed as the door slammed shut and tried the handle to see if she could open it.

‘Oh, my God! I can’t get out!’ Elle shouted, finding the door was locked. ‘What am I going to do?’ Frightened she rattled the door handle to no avail. ‘I’m stuck in here!’ she exclaimed, looking around the room a bit lost. ‘No one is going to know where I am,’ she said and feeling scared he sat down on the couch to think about her predicament.

‘What’s going on? Who are you?’ Elle asked, looking up in surprise at the ghost-like apparition that had suddenly appeared in the room. ‘You want me to get naked?’ she said in answer to the ghost’s suggestion, which only she could hear. ‘No, I couldn’t do that,’ she said, shaking her head and holding hands up to her cheeks, not believing what she was seeing or hearing.

‘What? So if I don’t do as you say, I’m not going to be able to leave?’ Elle blurted, shocked at the ghost’s threatening proposal. ‘No please, I really don’t want to,’ she shook her head. ‘I can’t go back naked into the party, what would everyone think?’ she said, looking around the room as if she could find some way out.

‘Well, maybe I could show you my fishnet stockings?’ Elle said, trying to find some compromise the ghost would accept. ‘But I couldn’t possibly take them off,’ she added, pulling up the frilly folds of her skirt to show her black suspenders and tops of her fishnet stockings.

‘I shouldn’t be in here, I need to go now,’ Elle explained, hoping the ghost would be satisfied by a look at her stocking tops.

‘What? I can’t leave?’ she said forlornly, realizing the ghost wanted to see her stripped down to her underwear. ‘Please just let me go, I’ll do anything,’ she pleaded, having lost hope of getting out of the room without giving in to the ghost’s demands. ‘OK. I’ll show you a bit more,’ she conceded reluctantly, ‘as long as you let me go!’

Elle stood up and lifted her skirt, to show her pert buttocks sheathed in the sheer nylon of her sexy knickers, her black suspenders pulling taut on the tops of her seamed stockings.

‘Is this turning you on, Mr ghost?’ Elle asked, getting used to the ghostly presence observing her from the corner of the room. ‘You want me to show you more?’ she said, pulling the crotch of knickers to one side and giving her shaved pussy gentle rub with her fingers.

Elle turned and stripped the skirt over the cheeks of her peachy bum and let it slide down her legs to the floor. ‘I hope you’re enjoying yourself,’ she said to the ghost, stepping out of the skirt and kicking it to one side. ‘This is making me feel horny,’ she remarked, wigging her ass as she tugged her nylon knickers down her legs in their fishnet stockings.

‘I’m treating you, aren’t I?’ Elle said, sitting on the couch and stripping the knickers over her spiky heeled boots. ‘Is that making your cock hard?’ she asked, reclining on the couch and with her hand between her thighs, massaging her naked pussy. ‘My pussy is so wet!’ she exclaimed, closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure as she masturbated her wet pussy.

‘Keep wanking that big dick of yours,’ Elle said excitedly, circling her fingers over the hot flesh of her throbbing clitoris. ‘That’s it Mr ghost. I want you to cum at the same time as me,’ she gasped, lifting and spreading her legs wide, her fingers massaging the soft lips of her gaping pussy.

Watch sexy goth Elle masturbating in suspenders & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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