Apr 062010



Nurse Lucy has come to discharge pretty Jessica from the VF cottage hospital. It’s a poignant moment as both nurse and patient have been harboring secret desires for each other during Jessica’s stay.

Nurse Lucy helps Jess to get dressed and hands her a pink suspender belt, and a pair of pewter RHT nylons for her to wear. Jessica rolls the stockings up her legs, and both girls appreciate their silky smoothness.

Lucy assists Jessica to her attach the suspenders, making sure the metal clasps are securely in place over the nylon welt, and that the tops of her stockings are tidy.

Jessica then slips on a pair of sheer see-through panties and Lucy makes sure they ‘fit properly’, slipping her fingers under the leg band of the panties and running them over the curves of Jessica’s smooth arse.

Both girls begin to touch intimately and start kissing, and Jessica helps nurse Lucy remove her crisp white uniform, exposing her figure hugging girdle and white full-fashioned nylons.

Safe to say Jessica is in a very rude state of health, and Lucy gets her patients full gratitude, orally!

See Lucy and Jessica getting to know each other intimately in this sensual and erotic leg sex movie at Vintage Flash.

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