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Lady exhibitionist Lucy Lauren masturbates in suspenders, fully fashioned nylon stockings and heels video at NHLP Central

Exhibitionist Lucy Lauren masturbates on the park bench in suspenders, fully fashioned nylon stockings and heels in her video – ‘Look like a lady but…’ at NHLP Central

Lady Exhibitionist Lucy Lauren enjoys an excursion to the park wearing a leopard print coat, leather gloves, quarter cup bra, suspenders, and full fashioned nylon stockings. She opens her coat and flashes her tits and pussy, masturbating with her stockinged legs open wide for all to see while she fingers her pussy to climax.

Lucy walked through the park in the early evening and stopped by her favorite bench where she knew local perverts hung out hoping to meet lady exhibitionists.

‘All right, this is where are all the perverts the hangout,’ Lucy said, removing her sunglasses and looking to see if there was anyone was around. ‘Guess what I am wearing underneath my coat? I’m not wearing much,’ she whispered, parting the front of her leopard print coat and caressing her legs in their dark tan nylon stockings. ‘I may look like a lady, but I’m a massive slut, really.’

Lucy sat down on the park bench and pulled her coat around herself. ‘That’s right, I am a bit of a pervert,’ she confessed. ‘I’m not wearing any knickers, so all I need to do is spread my legs and everyone will see my pussy,’ she grinned, opening her legs to show her shaved pussy framed by her suspenders and stocking tops.

‘I love being watched by strange men. I’m so wet thinking about it.’ Lucy sat with her legs open and placed her leather-gloved fingers on either side of her pussy lips. ‘It makes me horny having all the boys looking me, I’m such a pervert,’ she said, spreading the succulent lips of her hot, pink cunt. ‘Do you know what? I’m going to masturbate in the park for you.’

Lucy stood and opened her coat, revealing her quarter cup leopard skin bra, black lace garter, and fully fashioned nylons. ‘Look at my nipples poking over the top of my tiny bra,’ she said, pulling and squeezing her thick nipples between her leather-gloved fingers. ‘I don’t want to get arrested, so we better make it pretty quick,’ she said, flipping up the back of her coat and spreading her ass cheeks to show her bum hole and shaved pussy. ‘Are you going to wank off with me?’

Lucy knelt on the park bench with her coat pulled up and reached between her legs to play with her pussy. ‘Look at my pussy, it’s absolutely dripping,’ she said, spreading her labia wide with her gloved fingers. ‘That’s it, get a good look while you wank your big cock,’ she said, vigorously massaging the succulent lips of her pussy with her gloved hand. ‘Yes, wank with me, we haven’t got long,’ she said urgently. ‘That’s it, wank, wank, wank!’ she implored, thrusting her cunt against her hand, sensing the imminent approach of her orgasm.

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