Jan 212020
Mistress Danni Marie masturbates in an open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at NHLPcentral .com

Curvy blonde Mistress Danni Marie stripteases and masturbates in an open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings in her video – ‘Jerk off club challenge’ at NHLP Central

Executive Jerk Off Club instructor Mistress Danni Marie gives you something to wank over while stripteasing in her girdle, seamed nylon stockings and patent leather, stiletto heels. Encouraging you to masturbate over her voluptuous body, she plays with her big bouncy tits and fingers her shaved pussy to climax.

Danni looked up from her chair where she was sitting and welcomed me into her office. She had dressed according to my preferred tastes in a tight dress that clung to her ample curves, her shapely legs in tan stockings and French designer heels.

‘Let me just go through your notes quickly,’ Mistress Danni said, putting on her glasses and picking up my personal file from her desk. ‘So, you are at entry level in the Executive Jerk Off Club,’ she commented, familiarizing herself with the report of my previous session. ‘So, I think we need to push you to an intermediate level today,’ she suggested conclusively, looking at me over the rim of her glasses and replacing the file on the desktop.

‘Ideally, I want you to become an expert at jerking off, so let me show you what I’m wearing to get you harder.’ Mistress Danni stood and showed off her curvaceous figure in her tight dress. ‘This dress fits perfectly and hugs me in all the right places,’ she said, her hands caressing the outline of her big boobs and narrow waist, following the curve of her wide hips and broad ass.

‘Should we have a look at these stockings I’m wearing underneath this dress?’ Mistress Danni sat her chair and crossed one leg over the other, her dress pulled back over her thigh revealing a glimpse of stocking top. ‘I’m being very naughty because I have no panties on today,’ she grinned, uncrossing her legs and opening them wide to show her shaved pussy. ‘I’m getting nice and wet,’ she remarked, masturbating with her hand between her thighs, her fingers sliding between the lips of her plump cunt.

‘Now, take your cock out and start jerking it,’ Mistress Danni instructed, flexing her wrist and hand to show the action required. ‘Keep wanking your cock for me and focus on my big tits.’ She leaned forward and pulled down her dress, revealing her white bra with its cherry motif pattern. ‘Look how big my tits are,’ she said, looking over her spectacles and lifting her voluptuous tits, pushing the cleavage together with both hands. ‘I bet you love to put your cock in between these, wouldn’t you?’ she smiled saucily, making her huge knockers bounce up and down as she juggled them inside the bra cups.

‘I think I should show you my outfit from behind, let me bend over the desk for you.’ Mistress Danni leaned over the desk and pulled up the back of the dress revealing her cherry motif, open-bottom girdle. ‘Wank your cock for me as I stroke my stockings,’ she instructed, the girdle stretching around her ass as she bent over and ran her hands over her legs in their fully fashioned nylons.

Mistress Danni placed both hands on her buttocks and spread them apart, exposing her bum hole and shaved pussy, framed by her girdle, suspenders and stockings. ‘Keep jerking off for me,’ she gasped, holding her bum and bouncing it up and down as if she were riding an erection, suspenders straining on her seamed nylon stockings.

Watch Danni Marie wanking to climax in her girdle & stockings at NHLPcentral.com

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