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Cleo Summers masturbating in lace lingerie corset, fully fashioned nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Hot date Cleo Summers dresses for sex in lace lingerie corset, fully fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels and masturbates to climax in her video – ‘Go all the way’ at NHLP Central

Cleo Summers gives you thanks for bringing her home after a night out on a first date. To get you in the mood for sex, she shows off her stunning legs in their fully fashioned nylons and stiletto heels. Taking things further, she strips seductively in her designer lingerie and pulls down her sheer nylon panties and openly masturbates to climax.

‘Thank you for giving me a ride home.’ Cleo thanked me as we walked into her living room, her stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floor. ‘I had a really lovely evening. But I’m nervous about this part because I haven’t gone all the way before, so will you show me what to do?’ she said, looking a little uncertain in case her forwardness was inappropriate for a first date.

‘In case of tonight was the night, I thought I’d wear something special.’ Cleo lifted her hands and felt her breasts through the front of her light cardigan. ‘Do you want to see what I’ve got underneath? I think you’re going to love it?’ she smiled and unbuttoned the front of the cardigan, opening it to reveal her beautiful lace corset. ‘How does it look?’ She rested her hands on her hips and pushed out chest, drawing attention to her boobs in their lace bra cups. ‘Do I look all womanly for you?’

Cleo sat on the leather couch and slid her skirt over her thigh, revealing a glimpse suspender attached to the top of her dark tan stocking. ‘Do you like my stockings? They’re part of my surprise,’ she smiled seductively, extending her shapely leg to show the seam of her fully fashioned nylons and point the toe of her stiletto heel. ‘I can see you are getting very excited,’ she remarked and slowly opened her legs to reveal her beautiful, peach-colored panties under her skirt. ‘Do you like these panties? They are very sexy, aren’t they?’ she said, slipping her hand between her thighs and feeling her pussy through her pantie crotch.

Cleo stood and stripped off her cardigan, then unzipped the back of her skirt and let it slide over pantie clad ass and down and stockinged legs to the floor around her stiletto heels.

‘My lingerie is so pretty, it makes me feel very sexy,’ Cleo said, her hand caressing her shapely body through the tight corset that clung to her waist and lifted her boobs. ‘I want you to kiss me all over my neck and chest,’ she whispered sensuously, her fingers lightly stroking the curve of her neck and sweeping over the flesh of her cleavage framed by the lace corset. ‘Now, slowly put your hands down my panties and play with that pussy,’ she continued and pushed her hand down the front of her tiny panties, the lace material stretching as she fingered her moist pussy.

Cleo sat on the couch and hooked her thumbs into her panties, then rolled onto her back and pulled them from under herself. She stripped the panties down her stockinged legs to her ankles and over her stiletto heels. She lifted her legs high and held them close together, then used both hands to spread her buttocks and expose her anus and shaved pussy.

‘Oh, tease that pussy,’ Cleo implored, parting the lips of her succulent pussy and holding it open with her fingers. ‘Oh yes, keep licking that pussy for me,’ she sighed pleasurably, pulling her cunt wider to show the pink interior of her tight fuck hole. ‘Your tongue feels so good, I can feel it sliding in and out,’ she gasped, inserting several fingers inside her tight snatch. ‘I want you to stroke your cock and pleasure yourself, while you’re licking me,’ she moaned and arched her back, gently rubbing her clitoris to give her self pleasure. ‘Then bend me over and put your cock between my ass cheeks!’

Watch Cleo Summers getting herself off in lingerie, stockings & stilettos at NHLPcentral.com

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