Dec 112019
Sexy female boss Lucy Gresty masturbates in lingerie and black nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Sexy female boss Lucy Gresty stripteases and masturbates in lingerie and black nylon stockings in her video – ‘Want my fun with you’ at NHLP Central

Your sexy female boss Lucy Gresty invites you back to her place after work and lets you know she is up for some hanky panky. Stripping off her sweater and pencil skirt, bra and sheer nylon panties, she makes it clear she is available for sex while she masturbates openly in her suspenders and stockings.

‘I bet you’re wondering why I asked you to come over tonight? Well, I thought I’d invite you over and get to know you better,’ Lucy smiled warmly as she stood in her living room, posing in her red sweater, grey pencil skirt, stockings, and heels.

‘You don’t know much about me, do you? But I’d like to let you know that I’m a huge fan of vintage lingerie, bras, garter belts, and stockings,’ she said, placing her hands around her hips, the outline of her suspenders visible through the material of her skirt.

‘I’m also a total slut, so I’ve invited you here to have fun, young man,’ she said, swaying her body as she caressed the outline of her curves through her tight-fitting clothes. ‘I’ll give you a real good cock-tease,’ she said, pulling up her skirt and revealing her thighs, black suspenders, and stockings.

‘I can’t wait to be naughty with you. I’m going to give you the striptease of your life and then I’ll fuck you afterward,’ she said promisingly, wiggling her hips and spreading her hands over her ass through the tight-fitting skirt.

‘I saw you looking at me at work, wondering what was under my outfit,’ Lucy smiled and sat on the couch, parting her legs to give a view under her skirt. ‘Can you see what’s under my skirt?’ she grinned, widening her legs to reveal the triangle of red nylon panties between her thighs and stocking tops.

Lucy stood and stripped off the sweater, revealing her black bra and fondled her big tits through the lace and sheer nylon cups. She unzipped the back of the skirt and peeled it over her ass, sheathed in red, sheer nylon panties. ‘Do you like my juicy ass in these red panties?’ Lucy said, looking over her shoulder and caressing her buttocks through the clingy, sheer nylon of her panties.

Lucy allowed the skirt to slide down her stockinged legs to the floor, then stepped out of it posed in her bra and panties, showing her shaved pussy, framed by her garter-belt suspenders and stocking tops.

‘Show me how you stroke that hard cock, young man. Give it a good wank,’ Lucy suggested, stripping off her bra and allowing her pendulous breasts to swing freely. ‘Wow, your cock looks big! I think that striptease has really made you rock hard,’ she exclaimed and knelt on the couch and presented her arse in sheer nylon knickers, her suspenders tugging on her stocking tops.

‘I know what I like,’ Lucy said, hooking her thumbs into the waist of her panties and slowly teasing them down so they were stretched around her thighs. ‘I like to be fucked in all of my holes,’ she said, reaching behind herself and separating her buttocks, exposing the puckered ring of her anus and the supple lips of her pussy. ‘So, you better be up to the job,’ she grinned, looking over her shoulder and mooning her big arse invitingly. ‘I like to be fucked like a good slut and have lots of orgasms.’

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