Nov 222019
Mistress Red stripteases and masturbates in vintage girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Mistress Red stripteases and masturbates in vintage girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings in her video – ‘Top of my list’ at NHLP Central

Mistress Red of the Executive Jerk-Off club encourages you to masturbate while she stripteases in open-bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings, and heels. She tests your ability to edge your orgasm while watching her masturbate and only allows you to cum when she reaches her own climax.

‘Oh, there you are.’ Mistress Red peered over the rim of her glasses at her client as he entered her office. ‘On time, I’m glad to say,’ she said, smiling approvingly as she leaned against the desk and picked up her client case book.

‘Oh yes. You’re the guy who likes harmony point stockings,’ Mistress Red remarked, reading her notes and recalling her client’s previous appointment. ‘Well, you’re in luck today,’ she said cheerfully. ‘I’ve decided to wear a virgin pair of harmony points, fresh out of the packet,’ she said, drawing attention to her shapely legs in their black nylon stockings and six-inch, patent leather, stiletto heels. ‘They’ve been in that packet for decades, just waiting for you.’

Mistress Red sat on the desktop and pulled up her skirt to reveal the edge of her girdle; black suspenders stretched over her thighs, straining on the tops of her stockings. ‘As I am fulfilling your requirements, I expect you will do very well today,’ she remarked, sliding her fingers between the flesh of her thighs and top of her stockings.

‘Get a grip of your cock and wank it slowly,’ Mistress Red instructed, gesturing with her hand as if she was stroking an erection in front of herself. ‘That’s it not too fast,’ she said, her hand pumping up and down to indicate the required action. ‘You must not cum until the very end of the session,’ she reminded her client and spread her legs wide, teasing him with a view of her shaved pussy.

‘You like a tease don’t you?’ Red stood, unzipped the back of her dress and stripped it down to her waist, revealing the black long-line bra holding her boobs firmly in place. ‘As you can see, I’m wearing my powermesh girdle,’ she smiled knowingly, wiggling as she pulled the dress over her girdled ass and let it slide down her stockinged legs to the floor. ‘I read in my notes you love seeing women in a girdle, don’t you?’

Red stepped out of the dress and slipped the straps of the long-line bra down her arms, then leaned forward and jiggled her boobs inside the loose cups of the bra.

‘You’re imagining your cock is in between my nice soft cleavage aren’t you?’ Mistress Red smiled and looked over the rim of her spectacles as she pushed her ample cleavage together. ‘You love a nice pair of real boobs, just perfect for wanking that cock,’ she said, stripping off the bra and leaning forward so her pendulous tits hung heavy and dangled from her chest.

‘I’m going to spread my legs nice and wide while you stroke your cock.’ Red stripped off the bra and knelt with one leg on the chair and the other across the top of the desk, exposing her pussy, framed by the girdle, suspenders, and stockings.

‘Let me show you how wet that cunt is,’ Mistress Red said, spreading her succulent pink cunt lips wide to show the pink lushness of her lubricated fuck hole. ‘Imagine your cock filling my pussy it to its limit, stretching my hole,’ she gasped, sliding several fingers between the lips of her tight snatch.

‘Oh yes. Listen to that wet cunt,’ Mistress Red gasped, thrusting her fingers up her sloshing cunt. ‘I can see you’re not far off coming, but you mustn’t come until I do,’ she said, her hand moving in quick motion as she reamed the walls of her pink, wet gash. ‘Oh, I’m ready for that spunk now,’ she cried, sensing the approach of her orgasm. ‘Come on, wank that cock, empty those balls right now!’

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