Sep 132019
Posh lady Masie Dee masturbates in suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at NHLP Central

Posh lady Masie Dee strips and masturbates in suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her video – ‘Ravish me’ at NHLP Central

Posh lady Masie Dee dresses in her wide-brimmed hat, sheer dress,  fully-fashioned nylon stockings, and heels because she is hoping to attract a wealthy man at the polo match. She wants to know your opinion about her fabulous lingerie, so she strips off and gives herself a good frigging in anticipation of a getting laid.

‘I’m really rather excited today, as I’m going to a polo match,’ Masie said enthusiastically, posing in her wide-brimmed hat, summer dress, stockings, and heels. ‘Hopefully, someone will notice my legs in these seamed stockings,’ she giggled, lifting her dress to show her legs in their fully-fashioned nylons and pink stiletto mules.

Masie unzipped the back of her dress and wiggled her bottom as she stripped it off. She posed in her frilly pink bra and white suspender-belt which framed her shaved pussy through the sheer nylon of her full-back panties.

‘Would you like to play with this little filly?’ Masie giggled, rubbing her pussy through her nylon knickers. ‘Or maybe have a quickie up against the stable,’ she suggested excitedly, pulling aside her pantie crotch and diddling her clitoris with her fingers.

‘You do know, us classy girls are filthy?’ Masie proclaimed as she stripped off her bra and spread her fingers around her ample boobs and pressed her cleavage together. ’It’s because of the repression from our strict upbringings, so all we want to do now is get frisky,’ she explained, slowly peeling her panties over her ass and down, leaving them stretched around her shapely thighs and stocking tops.

‘I love these stockings,’ Masie remarked, sitting on the couch and drawing her knickers down her beautiful legs in their alluring, pink seamed nylons. ‘They are really classy and feel incredible,’ she added, deftly stripping the loose knickers over her pretty nylon clad feet in their sexy stilettos.

‘Speaking of incredible: what would you like to do with that?’ Masie grinned, reclining on the couch with her stockinged legs open, teasing her clitoris with her fingers. ‘Would that be enough to entice you to get between my legs?’ she smiled, spreading the lips of her pussy wide open in invitation. ‘We could get down and dirty in the stable. I’ve always fancied a romp in the hay.’

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