Sep 062019
Female flasher Tindra Frost masturbates in her suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at NHLP Central

Posh lady Tindra Frost stripteases and masturbates in suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her video – ‘Flashers return’ at NHLP Central

Tindra returns from her walk in the park where she’d flashed her suspenders and stocking tops at a few strangers. Feeling horny after her naughty escapade, she stripped off her summer dress and masturbated in her suspenders, stockings, and stilettos.

‘I’ve just been for a walk around the park,’ Tindra said, posing in her floppy, wide-brimmed hat and polka dot dress. ‘Because it was hot, I flapped my dress around my legs and accidentally flashed a few people,’ she giggled, repeating the action she had performed by lifting her dress above her knees. ‘Do you want me to flash you?’ she smiled and lifted the dress, revealing her suspenders and tops of her tan nylon stockings.

‘It’s a little bit, too hot,’ Tindra remarked, taking off her hat and combing her fingers through her long, brunette hair. ‘I wouldn’t have minded walking around the park in just my lingerie,’ she giggled, turning and pulling up the dress. ‘Would you’d have liked it if I’d flashed you in these fully-fashioned stockings?’ She bent over and touched her ankle then slid her hand up the back of her leg, following the seam of her stockings up to her thigh.

‘Well, since I’m here, perhaps I could give you a proper view,’ Tindra suggested, unzipping the dress and slowly letting it slide down her stockinged legs to land on the floor around her heels. ‘Get a good look at these fully-fashioned stockings.’

Tindra stepped out of the dress and stood with her legs apart, then bent over to show her ass in tight sheer nylon panties and her suspenders straining on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘I can see you’re enjoying this a lot,’ Tindra smiled and releasing the catch of her strapless bra she stripped it away, then caressed her naked breasts and tugged on the perky nipples, squeezing them between her fingers.

Tindra hooked her thumbs into the waist of her sheer nylon panties and tugged them over her buttocks, slowly drawing them down her stockinged legs and over her stiletto heels.

‘It’s getting hotter. Can you feel the heat?’ Tindra knelt on the couch and caressed her stockinged legs. ‘It just makes me feel so horny,’ she remarked, licking and sucking her fingers with her luscious red mouth. ‘I just can’t resist the temptation,’ she added, reaching behind herself and putting her hand between her thighs she fingered the supple lips of her pussy. ‘I love being watched,’ she remarked, then inserted several fingers in her sticky hole, thrusting them deeper as she masturbated in her stockings and stilettos.

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