Jun 142019
 French Chloe masturbating in open-bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at NHLPcentral.com

French Chloe stripteases and masturbates in an open-bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her video -‘ Lovely day for us to play’ at NHLPcentral.com

French Chloe loves to tease and strips off her tight dress to flaunt her fabulous figure in an open-bottom, girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Stripping off her dress she masturbates on the bed and encourages you to wank your cock while she plays with her hairy pussy.

‘Are you getting horny watching me in this sexy dress?’ Chloe smiled warmly, reclining on the bed in the blue and white, summer dress that clung to her curves. ‘Look at these fully-fashioned stockings. I love wearing them,’ she remarked, rolling onto one side to show the back of her legs in their seamed nylons and stiletto heels.

‘Play with your cock and show me how horny I make you feel today,’ Chloe said, pulling up the dress to reveal the white, open-bottom girdle that tightly embraced her hips. ‘Go on, wank it for me,’ she said, stroking the pubic hairs nestled between her thighs, framed by the broad white garters and metal clasps attached to the tops of her stockings.

Chloe pulled down the top of the dress and caressed her tanned boobs and erect brown nipples. ‘You want to wank all over them, don’t you?’ she smiled, her hands uplifting her beautiful breasts and squeezing them with her fingers.

Chloe reclined on the bed and arched her body as she wiggled out of the dress and pulled it from under herself. ‘Look at my legs in these gorgeous, fully-fashioned stockings,’ Chloe said, stripping the dress down her stockinged legs and over her leather stiletto heels.

‘As you can see, I’m not wearing any panties,’ Chloe remarked and her girdle expanded and stretched as she opened her legs and gave a view of her hairy pussy. ‘Look at this girdle, it has six straps,’ she said, her hand stroking her girdled arse bound in tight-fitting elastane and taut suspender straps that pulled on the tops of her stockings.

Chloe pulled back her legs and held them close together as she lifted them high so the spikes of her heels pointed vertically. She moved her hands up and down her stockinged legs in their seamed nylons, sweeping over the taut suspenders that strained on the tops of her fully-fashioned nylons.

Chloe slipped off her stiletto heels and extended her legs to show the soles of her feet in their seamed nylons. She lifted both legs, holding her stockinged feet together and pointing her toes in their vintage nylon hosiery. ‘You know I would love to suck your dick as well,’ Chloe said, holding one shoe to her mouth and sliding her tongue up the length of the spiky stiletto.

Chloe sucked on her fingers to make them wet, then placed her hand between her open legs and spread her labia to show the pink slit of her pussy.

‘Wank your dick faster for me now,’ Chloe said excitedly, grinding her hips as she massaged her hairy pussy with her supple fingers. ‘Look at this pussy, while you wank for me,’ she gasped loudly, throwing back her head as she vigorously rubbed the succulent lips of her juicy cunt.

Watch French Chloe masturbating in girdle and fully-fashioned stockings at NHLP Central

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