Jun 122019
Glamorous blonde Beth Bennett masturbates with a dildo in skimpy lace lingerie, black nylon stockings and stilettos video at NHLPcentral.com

Glamorous blonde Beth Bennett stripteases and masturbates with a dildo in skimpy lace lingerie, black nylon stockings and stilettos in her video – ‘Willing to please’ at NHLPcentral.com

Glamorous babe Beth learns of your interest in women who dress in sexy lingerie, so she puts on an enticing show to arouse your passions. She encourages you to wank your cock while she flaunts herself in lacy lingerie, black nylon stockings and stiletto heels for your pleasure. Watch as gorgeous Beth thrusts a dildo up her tight pussy and climaxes at the end of this hot masturbation scene.

‘I want to prove you aren’t going to get a girlfriend that’s naughtier and more willing to please you than me. So I thought I’d just put on a naughty show for you,’ Beth said, showing off her curvaceous figure in a sheer nylon negligee, pink lace lingerie and black nylon stockings.

‘Let me show you what I am wearing, it’s pretty sexy, isn’t it?’ Beth untied the ribbon at the top of her negligee and opened it to reveal the pink half-cup bra that supported by her huge boobs. ‘It’s so skimpy like I’m wearing almost nothing at all,’ she said, leaning forward with her hands cupping her breasts to show the tanned flesh of her cleavage spilling over the top of her bra.

Beth slipped the bra straps down her arms, released the catch and stripped it away and her tits bounced freely. She lifted her magnificent, rounded boobs in her hands, squeezing and kneading the voluptuous, tanned flesh in her supple fingers.

‘Come on, get that cock out and start to stroke it,’ Beth encouraged, turning on her heels and slipping her thumbs into the waist of her skimpy panties. ‘Wank your cock up and down; tease it as you watch me,’ she said and slowly pulled the panties over her fabulous arse and down her shapely legs in their seamed nylon stockings and heels.

‘I hope you are enjoying the view of my big ass,’ Beth said, kneeling on the seat and grinding her magnificent ass, framed by pink suspenders and the tops of her stockings. ‘You like seeing my shaved pussy as I’m bent right over, don’t you?’ She reached behind herself and pulled her buttocks apart, exposing the puckered ring of her anus and the gaping lips of her shaved pussy.

‘Let me tease my pussy and spread it for you,’ Beth whispered and stretched labia open to show the pink flesh of her tight fuck hole. ‘I’ll show just how naughty I can be,’ she said excitedly and reaching for a glass dildo she put it up to her mouth and sucked the knob-end with her luscious red lips.

Beth held the lips of her pussy open with two fingers and gasped as she inserted the dildo between the tight lips of her pink pussy. ‘Oh, it feels so good,’ she moaned softly, grabbing her tits and thrusting her hips as the sex toy plunged deep inside her wet cunt.

Watch glamorous blonde Beth Bennett masturbating in stockings and heels at NHLP Central

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