May 242019
Housemaid Honour May strips in her lingerie, nylon stockings and stiltto heels video at

Housemaid Honour May strips for her employer and masturbates in her lingerie, nylon stockings and stiltto heels in her video – ‘Maid for pleasure’ at

Housemaid Honour May teases her employer as she does the cleaning in her stockings and stilettos. He offers to give her a pay rise if she strips and plays with her pussy for him. Coy at first, she follows his instructions and strips down to her lingerie and fully fashioned nylons, then openly masturbates for her master’s pleasure.

Honour’s employer came into the bedroom and watched her making the bed. His eyes fixed upon her pert ass as she bent over, admiring her legs in their seamed nylons and heels.

‘You want to see the tops of my stockings?’ Honour sounded surprised at her employer’s suggestive request. ‘So you have a thing for nylons?’ she queried, hoping that was all he would be interested in seeing.

‘What’s that? You want to fuck me?’ Honour gasped at his explicit confession and the offer of a reward in exchange for her extra service. ‘Sir, I’d love a pay rise, but surely we could come to some other arrangement,’ she suggested, wanting the money but not prepared to engage in anything that would involve physical contact.

‘You want to see me play with myself?’ Honour stuttered, thinking a moment about her employer’s lewd proposal. ‘How much are you going to pay me?’ She asked though she was more concerned about what she would actually have to do to satisfy her employer’s needs.

‘Well, maybe just this once, I guess,’ Honour agreed reluctantly. ‘I’ve never done this before,’ she added, sounding a bit nervous.’ Only my boyfriend has seen me in a state of undress, but I suppose I could give it a go.’ Honour conceded and slowly lifted her skirt to reveal her black panties and suspenders attached to the tops of her tan nylon stockings.

Honour followed her employer’s request to strip off her clothes, and removed the belt from around her waist and unbuttoned the front of the blouse. ‘This feels kind out naughty,’ she remarked, expressing some excitement as she stripped in front of her married employer. ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ she continued, stripping the blouse over her head and posing with the straps of her lace bra slipping down her arms. ‘But my boyfriend has been away for a long time, so it’s nice to have the eyes of another man on me for once.’

Honour turned and pulled down her skirt, revealing sheer nylon panties covering the cheeks of her firm ass. ‘My heart is racing. I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ she said, and let go of the skirt so it dropped swiftly down her legs in their seamed nylons and heels.

‘Do you like my lingerie? I always try to look classy when I’m working,’ Honour said, stepping out of the skirt and posing in her black garter-belt, nylon panties, and tan stockings. ‘I haven’t really posed like this before,’ she sounded apologetic, kneeling on the bed with her ass in view, caressing her buttocks through her sheer panties. ‘What do you think?’ she asked, giving her pantied ass a little wiggle; the taut suspenders straining on her stocking tops.

‘Sir, I don’t’ know how to say this, but you have an erection,’ Honour pointed out, somewhat embarrassed at seeing the bulge in the front of her employer’s trousers.. ‘Oh! You want to have a wank? OK, then,’ she agreed, kneeling upright to get a better view.

‘Oh! That’s awfully big! I was not expecting that!’ she exclaimed, noticing the size of her employer’s huge erection. ‘That’s a lovely penis you have,’ she blushed, a little flustered at the sight of her employer stroking his cock in hand. ‘I’m getting rather aroused myself,’ she confessed, pulling down the cups of her bra and exposing her beautiful, all natural tits.

Watch housemaid Honour May masturbating in stockings and stilettos at

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