May 142019
Penny Lee masturbates in vinatge open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at

Penny Lee strips off her sexy blouse and pencil skirt and masturbates in a vintage open-bottom girdle and point heel fully-fashioned nylons in her video – ‘Sheer mischief’ at

Penny Lee dresses up for you in superb vintage bra, open bottom girdle and shows off her feet in point heel fully-fashioned nylons. She encourages you to masturbate while displaying herself wantonly on the bed, stockinged legs wide open as she plays with her neatly trimmed pussy.

‘I’m wearing these rare fully-fashioned nylons,’ Penny said, pulling up her skirt and giving a glimpse of white suspender and the tops of her tan stockings. ‘You like it when I slide my fingertips under my stockings, don’t you?’ she said, sliding her hand under the tops of her nylons and caressing the soft flesh of her thighs.

‘I suppose, I could allow you to start wanking for me.’ Penny gave an encouraging smile, gesturing with her hand and fingers curled as if around an erection. ‘I want you to stroke that cock slowly and enjoy yourself while you wank over me,’ she instructed, gently flexing her wrist and hand to indicate the required action.

Penny knelt on the bed and stripped off her blouse revealing a white balcony bra that half covered her tits. She pulled down the skirt uncovered the shiny satin girdle that clung to the outline of her shapely hips and ass.

‘That’s it, keep stroking your cock for me, while you look at my wet pussy,’ Penny said, laying back on the bed with her legs open, showing her pussy framed by the open-bottom girdle and taut suspenders straining on her seamed stocking tops.

‘I need to show you how good my feet look in these very rare stockings.’ Penny crossed one leg over the other, then slipped off her shoe and dangled it from her toes in their blue colored, point-heel nylons. ‘Wank that cock over these sexy stockings,’ she encouraged, licking her lips and dangling the other shoe from her stocking clad foot.

‘I love wearing these fully-fashioned stockings, they feel so special,’ Penny sighed, laying back and closing her legs, she lifted them high and pointed her pretty nylon clad feet. ‘That’s what you like to see isn’t it?’ she whispered, seductively rubbing her dainty feet together in their classic nylons. ‘My naked pussy and the soles of my feet in these rare stockings,’ she said, her hands sweeping up and down her legs in their alluring contrast seam, nylons.

Watch seductive blonde Penny Lee masturbating in girdle and fully-fashioned nylons at NHLP Central

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