May 072019
Trophy wife Natalia Forrest masturbates in suspenders, nylon stockings and sexy stiletto heels video at

Seductive trophy wife Natalia Forrest stripteases and masturbates in fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sexy stiletto heels at

Natalia would like a new set of designer clothes to complement her fully-fashioned stockings and sexy stiletto heels. She suggests you both have some sexy fun tonight on the promise that you will buy her a new wardrobe. Watch her put on an explicit striptease for your pleasure and play with her juicy pussy to get you excited.

‘How about we just stay in tonight and have a little play together,’ Natalia suggested, as she sat on the edge of the bed in her lace slip, drawing attention to her leg in stockings and heels. ‘I know you love seeing my feet in these leopard print mules. They’re so lovely, aren’t they?’ She lifted up her legs and crossed them at the ankles, then slipped off her heels so they dangled from her toes.

‘I know you find me adorable in this beautiful satin and lace slip and these coffee-bean fully-fashioned nylons,’ Natalia continued, sitting up and pulling back the slip over her thighs. ‘If I put on a show for you tonight, will you promise me a new wardrobe?’ she looked up and smiled seductively, her nimble fingers adjusting the tops of her stockings.

Natalia knelt on the bed and lifted the slip, then began to play with her shaved pussy through her sheer nylon panties.

‘I know you can’t resist my pussy.’ Natalia gave a naughty smile, pulling aside her panties and caressing her shaved pussy. ‘Look at that juicy, wet pussy, awaiting your cock!’ she exclaimed, sliding her fingers over the slightly parted lips of her naked cunt.

Natalia stripped off the slip and removed her lacy bra, then pushed her petite tits together around her pearl necklace and played with her erect nipples. She lay back and lifted her arse off the bed as pulled the panties from under herself, then stripped the nylon knickers down her stockinged legs and over her stiletto heels.

‘Look at that pussy spread nice and open for you!’ Natalia lifted and opened her legs wide, pulling the flaps of her cunt apart with her fingers. ‘Get your mouth and tongue in there and kiss it for me,’ she implored, stretching her labia wide in invitation to come and taste her juicy fuck hole. ‘Let me pull my pussy open, ready for you to fuck me from behind.’

Natalia slipped off her mules then flipped over onto her knees and tilted up her arse, exposing the puckered circle of her tight bum hole and inviting pussy.

‘Oh! My clit is so swollen!’ Natalia moaned pleasurably, one hand stretching her pussy wide open and the other between her thighs strumming her clitoris and the lips of her pussy. ‘You love it when I’m bent over in front of your face, don’t you?’ she said, sharply drawing in her breath as she inserted two fingers up her tight snatch. ‘Oh, yes! Listen to those warm, wet juices!’ she gasped loudly, thrusting her fingers up her sloshing wet cunt hole as she sensed the approach of her first orgasm of the evening.

Watch Natalia Forrest masturbating to climax in suspenders and stockings at

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