Apr 092019
Chloe Toy stripteases in red lace lingerie, black nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at NHLPcentral.com

Blonde sexpot Chloe Toy stripteases in red lace lingerie, black nylon stockings and stiletto heels then masturbates with a dildo in her video – ‘Trip Away Turn On ‘ at NHLPcentral.com

Enjoy a weekend away with blonde sexpot Chloe Toy, dressed for your pleasure in lacy lingerie, fully-fashioned black nylon stockings, and sexy leather stilettos! Watch Chloe strip off her lacy bra and panties, lay on the bed with her stockinged legs wide open and thrust a dildo up her tight, wet pussy.

‘To get the weekend started, I’d thought I’d tease you in my pretty lingerie set’, Chloe said, posing in her eye-catching red lingerie, black stockings, and patent leather heels. ‘That’s it, get a view of my tight body in lingerie,’ she continued, turning to show the cheeks of her pert ass divided by her pantie thong, and alluring legs in seamed nylons and heels.

‘I can see you are enjoying the view already, but let me tease you a bit longer,’ Chloe said, kneeling on the bed and wiggling her delectable ass whilst rocking back and forth on her knees. ‘Watch me caress my sweet body, all dressed up in fine lingerie,’ she said, caressing her breasts and slender waist in lace lingerie, her hands stroking the smooth flesh of her perfect ass.

‘Just watching you get turned on is making my pussy so wet,’ Chloe said, reclining on the bed with her legs open, hand massaging the crotch of her panties. ‘I may just give these panties to you,’ she smiled, lifting her ass and pulling the panties from under herself, swiftly drawing them down her stockings legs and over her heels.

Chloe lay back and rubbed the panties against her pussy, then put them up to her nose and gave them a sniff. ‘Hmm, you can smell that nice wet pussy,’ she moaned pleasurably, inhaling the sweet scent of her sex that lingered on the thong.

‘Watch me slowly undress and let me tease you.’ Chloe knelt upright, released the catch of her bra and held the loose cups against her breasts, giving them a squeeze.

‘We have the whole weekend together in which to get very naughty,’ she remarked, discarding the bra and caressing the smooth flesh of her petite boobs. ‘Just thinking about all the things we can get up to, makes my pussy so wet,’ she said, her eyes narrowing with pleasure as she gently rubbed her pussy with one hand between her thighs.

Watch Chloe Toy masturbating in lingerie and nylon stockings at NHLPCentral.com

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