Feb 262019
Liz Rainbow stripteasing in lacy suspenders nylon panties, tan stockings and stiletto heels video at NHLPCentral.com

Liz Rainbow feels sensational in sheer nylon panties, lacy suspenders and genuine 60s tan stockings and leather stiletto heels in her video at NHLPCentral.com

Liz Rainbow feels sensational when she discovers the delights of dressing for sex in retro-lingerie and vintage nylons. A delicate blouse, tight pencil skirt, lacy lingerie, and sheer tan nylon RHT stockings complete her sexy outfit. See Liz striptease and give herself sexual pleasure while fingering her wet pussy to an intense climax in her video – ‘A 60s Sensation.’

‘Do you like my heels? They are beautiful patent leather,’ Liz said, sitting on the leather sofa and reaching down to her ankle, fingers caressing the outside of her stilettos. Slipping her fingers inside both of the heels, she eased them off and let them dangle from her toes.

‘And my reinforced heel and toe nylons?’ Liz smiled curiously, lifting her legs and crossing them at the ankles to show the soles of her feet, then flexing and pointing her stockinged toes. ‘Come on and undress me, we can have some fun.’

Liz stood up to unzip the skirt and slip it down her legs, revealing her ass sheathed on black nylon panties, black suspenders, and tops of her tan stockings.

‘I love these sheer panties because you can see everything,’ Liz remarked, turning to show her shaved pussy framed by the outline of her lacy garter-belt through the sheer nylon knickers.

Liz stripped off her sheer blouse and removed her pink bra, then cupped her beautiful tits in her hands, rolling the erect pink nipples between her fingers.

Sitting back on the leather sofa she opened her legs and rubbed her pussy through the taut nylon crotch of her panties. Breathing softly but deeply with mounting arousal, she slipped her hand inside her panties and began to masturbate.

‘It makes me feel so horny,’ Liz said, enjoying the sensation of her hand massaging the succulent lips of her moist pussy under the translucent nylon.

‘Come on, wank your cock for me,’ Liz smiled naughtily, kneeling on the sofa and looking over her shoulder while rubbing the cheeks of her arse through her taut nylon panties. She slipped her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and slowly tugged them over her buttocks and down to her thighs.

Liz sat with her legs pulled back and the webbing of her garter-belt stretched and strained on the tops of her stockings. She reached between her thighs and strummed her fingers against her clitoris, kneading the juicy flaps of her wet cunt. Slowly withdrawing her hand, she put it up to her luscious mouth and sucked the sweet juices of her pussy from her fingers.

‘Keep on wanking, I want to see you cum,’ Liz implored, gesturing with one hand as if she were wanking a cock while thrusting her hips and pushing several fingers up her tight pussy to give herself pleasure.

Watch Liz Rainbow stripteasing and masturbating in her lingerie and nylons videos

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