Nov 022018
Glamorous blonde milf Amber Jayne masturbating in open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video

Glamorous blonde milf Amber Jayne masturbates to climax in her vintage open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at

Glamorous blonde MILF Amber Jayne strips down to her open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylons, legs wide open as she lays on the bed and masturbates with her fingers slotted up her hot pussy.

Amber sat on the edge of the bed drawing attention to her sexy legs, pulling back the dress over her thighs and revealing the tops of her copper tone nylons.

‘I love these stockings and the way they feel on my legs,’ Amber murmured pleasurably, tracing her finger along the seam running up the back of her extended leg, ‘really smooth like silk.’

Amber stood with her back turned, looked over her shoulder and smiled as she slid the dress up over her arse to show the lace edge of the girdle and satin suspenders affixed to her nylons. ‘Look at how tight this girdle clings to my arse,’ she said, enjoying the sensation of her hands caressing the elastane stretched over her buttocks.

Amber turned around and traced her fingers over the patterned front panel of the girdle; a glimpse of naked pussy tucked between her thighs under the lacy edge of the foundation wear.

‘I think this girdle complements these stockings beautifully,’ she remarked, enfolding her hands around her thighs and caressing the soft flesh above the tops of her nylons. ‘It’s making me feel very horny.’

Amber stripped off the dress and leaned forward to give a view of her ample cleavage, massaging her boobs inside the white lacy cups of her bullet bra.

‘Let’s lose the bra and then you can come and have a play with me,’ she said promisingly, slipping the straps down her arms and juggling her fleshy tits inside the loose cups before stripping the bra away and exposing her voluptuous boobs.

Kneeling on the bed, Amber presented her arse and exposed her naked pussy framed by the lace edge of the girdle, taut satin suspenders, and stockings tops.

‘This vintage girdle feels snug and tight and lifts my bottom up perfectly,’ she laughed playfully, shaking her girdled arse from side to side and causing the suspenders to stretch and pull on her seamed nylon stockings.

Reclining on the bed, Amber slipped off one of her heels then lifted and extended her leg to show the sole of her foot encased in sheer fully-fashioned nylon.

‘I’d love you to tease me by sliding your tongue all the way up my leg,’ Amber smiled pleasurably, touching her ankle and drawing her hand down her long nylon clad leg, then sliding it between her thigh and stocking top.

She slipped off her other shoe then opened her legs wide and placed the stiletto heel against her clitoris and the supple pink lips of her moist pussy.

‘Oh, it tickles!’ Amber laughed, at the intense sensation of the hard edge of the heel pressed against the gaping lips of her pussy. ‘It feels so cold,’ she gasped, masturbating with the stiletto circling over the sensitive flesh of her throbbing clitoris.

Watch Amber Jayne masturbating in her girdle and nylon stockings video at

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