Oct 262018
Mistress Brook Logan stripteases in lingerie and seamed nylon stockings and encourages masturbation

Mistress Brook Logan stripteases in her lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings and encourages masturbation in her ‘Executive Jerk-off Club’ video at NHLPCentral.com

Brook Logan invites you to a session at ‘The Executive Jerk Off Club’, posing in her open crotch body, fully-fashioned nylons and designer heels for your ultimate arousal. Watch her striptease and listen to her dirty talk, while she lays on the desk and encourages you to wank and cum over her juicy wet pussy.

‘You last saw Chloe, and she says you have a nice big cock,’ Brook said, sitting on the desk with her legs crossed, looking in the diary ‘Well we are going to have a lot of fun aren’t we?’ she said, putting down the diary and slipping off her reading glasses to get a better look at her client.

‘Wow! Your balls do look full of cum – that’s what I like to see,’ Brook said, pleased that you have not been wanking prior to this morning’s session. ‘Well, that is why you’re here – so women like me can drain your balls dry,’ she remarked, pointing with her glasses to emphasize her words. ‘But you are only going to cum when I say so, understood?’

Brook uncrossed her legs and opened them wide to give a view of her shaved pussy perfectly framed by the open-crotch of her lingerie body-shaper.

‘Now you can get a really good look at me, can’t you?’ Brook sat, deliberately posing with her stockinged legs open to give a view between her thighs at her pouting cunt.

‘I know how much you love looking at women, especially in gorgeous stockings and stilettos,’ she continued, caressing her shapely legs in their silky sheer nylons. ‘It really excites you, doesn’t it? I can tell by the way your cock is twitching.’

‘Are you looking up my skirt? That’s very naughty, isn’t it? Well, this is the perfect place for a wankaholic like you. And this is what you are here for – so I can get you off!’

Brook stood, bent over the desk and slowly pulled up the skirt to give a view of the supple lips of her gaping pussy.

‘Go on, get a good look straight up that skirt,’ Brook looked over her shoulder and wiggled her arse, exposing her juicy pussy through the open crotch of her lingerie.

‘I know how much you want to fuck me in these seamed stockings, don’t you?’ she teased proactively, caressing her shapely arse in its tight skirt, the soft flesh of her suspender-clad thighs and the tops of her fully-fashioned nylons.

Wank mistress Brook stripteases in lingerie and stockings and gives masturbation encouragement

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