Sep 172018
Horny MILF Holly Kiss shows off her legs in fully-fashioned nylon stockings and slingback heels at Vintage Flash

Horny MILF Holly Kiss stripteases and shows off her sexy legs and feet in fully-fashioned nylon stockings and slingback heels in this Vintage Flash video at

Holly has ideas about how to spend a warm summer afternoon, stripping down to her lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Feeling randy in her lingerie and nylons, she strips off her panties and masturbates to climax with her fingers inside her wet pussy.

‘I would like to stay here in the bedroom and have a bit of a play around. If you’d care to join me, I’m sure there is plenty we can do to entertain ourselves,’ Holly said invitingly, standing by the bed in her light summer dress, showing off her attractive legs in their tan nylons and slingback heels.

‘Beautiful, strong black seams, running all the way up the back of my long legs,’ Holly commented, looking over her shoulder and lifting the back of the dress to display her fancy heel nylons. ‘And garter-belt with solid-metal clasps holding my stockings firmly in place,’ she added, lifting the dress higher and running her hands over the array of taut garters that spread across her thighs.

‘You know a lady likes to dress correctly, especially in beautiful leather slingbacks,’ Holly remarked, sitting on the bed and touching her ankle delicately with her fingers, drawing attention to her slingback heels. ‘Look how perfectly they fit,’ she said, lifting and extending her legs to show off her seamed nylons and exquisite feet in their adorable high-heels.

Holly stood and stripped off the dress, revealing a pink frilly bra, sheer nylon panties worn over a pretty gingham garter-belt, and white suspenders affixed to shiny tan stocking-tops. She removed the bra and cupped the warm flesh of her fully-rounded boobs in her hands, then turned and bared her naked arse while slowly stripping the panties down her stockinged legs.

Holly reclined on the bed and raised her legs, then eased off her slingbacks and let them dangle from her toes. Removing the heels, she lifted her feet to show the stockinged soles, flexing and pointing her toes dressed in their layer of sensual nylon.

‘I’ve been wanting to play with my pussy while watching you wanking your hard cock,’ Holly confessed, opening her legs wide and sliding her fingers over the moist slit of her pussy. ‘See how wet it is,’ she sighed pleasurably, her fingers spreading her labia to show the soft pinkness of her gaping cunt. ‘There’s nothing better than wanking and pleasuring yourself,’ she moaned softly, rubbing her erect clitoris and sliding a finger into the depth of her hot, wet pussy.

Watch Holly Kiss masturbating to climax in fully-fashioned nylon stockings

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