Sep 052018
Holly Kiss masturbates to climax in ripped nylon pantyhose and stiletto heels video at

Sexy milf Holly Kiss strips off her seductive lingerie and masturbates to climax in ripped nylon pantyhose and stiletto heels in this video at

Mature seductress Holly lounges in her boudoir in a black bra and sheer nylon gown, her legs adorned in black nylon pantyhose and red leather stilettos. Stripping off her black bra, she rips open her pantyhose and temps you to wank your cock while she fucks her hot pussy with a vibrator.

‘There’s nothing quite like wearing a bra, sheer pantyhose, and gown,’ Holly said, caressing her body and swirling her diaphanous nylon gown around her legs encased in their shiny nylon hose.

‘I love wearing pantyhose,’ Holly said, sliding her hand between her thighs to touch her pussy through the soft material of her gown. ‘The way they fit my body like a glove, nice and tight,’ she said, pulling the hose up waist high so the nylon stretched around the mound of her shaved pussy.

‘I know when you see me in pantyhose, you have this need to pull out your dick and start wanking,’ Holly said, slipping her hand under the stretchy nylon and sliding her fingers over the pink slit of her moist pussy.

Holly stripped off the gown and removed the bra, then sat on the couch and caressed her legs in their black luxurious pantyhose and red stiletto heels.

‘My legs in pantyhose look so perfect, don’t they?’ Holly remarked, hands gliding over the silky surface of her shiny nylon hose and subtle contours of her elegant legs.

Holly opened her thighs and pulled her pantyhose tight against the succulent lips of her pussy. Her fingers teased her cunt through the taut nylon, tracing the line of the dark seam that ran up the front of her sheer hose.

Holly slid her hands down the inside of her hose and along her thighs, then curled her fingers so the sharp red nails pierced the fragile nylon. Pushing her hands upward the nylon broke with a splitting sound and ran in long multiple ladders down her legs.

‘I need to get at my pussy,’ Holly said, her fingers tearing the nylon around her crotch and exposing the blushing mound of her shaved pussy. ‘Because now it’s time to get really naughty, while I watch you wanking your cock.’

Watch seductive Holly masturbating in her ripped nylon pantyhose video

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